toughest in the army?? and they tougher than the marines?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cage88, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. who is the toughest in the army with regards to fitness and strengh?
    I want something that is going to push me to my limits and want to kno who is the toughest?
    I First thought it was the comando (all arms comando course) then im verging on the paras! who do u think guys?
    AND are they tougher than the marines?
  2. Its well past your bedtime.
  3. If you do the "all arms" commando course then you arent a marine.

    Some research might help you establish who is the "hardest"
    I suggest an evenings drinking / gobbing off in Exeter and Colchester respectively in should stop you asking bone questions.

    Being hard in terms of aggression and violence is no mark of how professional or physically fit or challenging the training for any particular regiment might be.

    pcoy and the commando course assess physical fitness and mental resilience but there are quite possibly some hairy knuckle dragging fijians in line infantry regiments who would still win in a fight.
  4. you Irish?

    try the Irish Army Ranger Wing;

    far more tougher/arduous training than the RM, Para or Line

    "Of the 40 to 80 candidates that start the annual Ranger selection course, only 15% remain at the conclusion"
  5. If you read my whole post before bitching at me i said with regards to firness and strengh and that i want to push myself to my limits, i never said anything about fights, bar brawls, evening drinking or gobbing off!
  6. South Essex probably
  8. Being in the Armed Services or any particular regiment, wouldn't make an individual hard in the 'street application' environment!

    Who would you choose to win in a fight:

    1) a super duper SAS/SBS trooper
    2) a RLC clerk who trains as a semi-pro MMA athlete alongside a few hours of a pressure tested self defence syllabus such as the BCA?

    95 time out of a 100 the RLC guy is gonna win!

  9. from what I have been told from various sources, even a few from ARRSE, CTCRM for a guy straight out of civvy land has the most arduous training, followed by Para Depot, then RAF Regiment gunner training, then line infantry training, which I have been told is more of an attendance course (i.e. if you dont get injured, you will get through)
  10. my point entirely - being tough . "the toughest" is irrelevant to being para or commando trained.

    cage88 pick one do one and if you find it too easy tell your DS and they will make it more challenging for you.
  11. cage88,

    Im assuming as you stated the Para's in your first post, that you are looking for infantry??

    If this is the case, then I think the only real chance of you being commando badged in the Army as Infantry would be with 1 Rifles who are part of 3 Commando Brigade.

    1 Rifles though according to one side are not the same standard as RM commando's who have been through CTCRM as opposed to Catterick and then AACC. Plus alot of 1 Rifle's are still so called 'crap hats' as Lympstone can only get so many people through the AACC at a time.