Tougher drinking law in Scotland from this week.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    As from this week,2-4-1 happy hours & cheap drink will become history in Scotland....

  2. Jocklands turning into a proper little Communist state, isn't it?
  3. No more drinking jollies to Scotland then.
    This will hit the pubs & clubs big time!!
  4. Not very fair. They are forcing people into taking late breakfasts.
  5. So how does it affect the person popping out for the weekly big shop at 0900hrs?

    And what about these "irresponsible" offers of 3 bottles of wine for £10? Or discounts for "nearly" out of date stock? Happy hours are now outlawed I take it?

    Yet again idiots have been allowed to legislate.

    Instead of Nannying about, how about tougher sanctions on the be1l end5 who can't be trusted? ie "You're p1ssed and behaving like a twat, sir. Take a mandatory 48 hours in the drunk tank, the magistrate will see you tommorrow morning".

    Works in Holland, where a one week to one month jail sentance can be handed out (on a Saturday or Sunday morning) to little miscreants who have upset the Cloggie Polizei. They don't even get to go home to grab their toothbrush :D
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'Under the new laws, bar staff in Edinburgh say they have been banned from asking customers if they’d like the “same again” – and told to offer a glass of water instead.'

    ffs... I've been managing bars on and off now for over a decade, from everywhere to five star hotels to festivals, and thats one of THE dumbest things I've ever heard.

    I predict pubs in scotland will be ringing with cries of 'of course I dont want a f*&%ing glass of water' very shortly...
  7. The only ones who will be unaffected will be meths swilling alkies and gangs of under age drinkers who historically don’t know there are two 10 O’clock in a normal day, and will still get their Bucky at 18:00hrs when their drink fuelled rage is again vented on the hard working decent people who can’t afford to go to the pub any more.
  8. It's going to wreck my "at Sainsbury for 8 and Majestic for 9" on a Saturday, certainly.

  9. Bit of a problem there, the Cloggie Plod, like most EuroPlod are expected to keep the streets safe and free of drunken thugs. Our plod are fully occupied dealing with the deadly threat of motorists, which Liebour assures me are the biggest threat to life, limb and public order in the UK.
  10. True, and of course your average EuroPC is also backed up in court and by their superiors.

    ie if a EuroPC says you were "acting like a cnut" then you were, and the nightstick round your head was the result.

    As I am sure many a drunken British squaddie fresh on the continent has learned... probably quickly :D
  11. Will there also be a ban on shoplifting alcohol before 10 AM?

    Just more stupid laws that will inconvenience ordinary people and be ignored by those who are already doing the damage.
  12. The outcome will be more pubs closing down, more people getting p*ssed at home, not gonna change anything at all.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Anyone else find it quite strange in that this law is being passed in the home country of our illustrious one eyed leader?...
  14. don't sh*t on your own doorstep gordon.

    is it true that in remote parts of scotland they take you out to the carpark and put you inside a big wooden chap and set it alight.....

    i think there should be another remake of the wicker man starring mr brown. :p
  15. Not at all ...and how long before its introduced into England ? theres already talk of a smoking licence purchased yearly from the post office and on the spot fines for any smoker caught without one.
    Say what you like about our European cousins but not one takes a blind bit of notice of the smoking bans in France, Spain etc still see smokers lightening up in pubs and bars, while in the UK we meekly accept any sh1t thrown at us...