Toughening up your feet

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 321go!!, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Just did the Lanyard Trophy 4 days ago in lowas and my feet are still bad, i've heard you can use white spirit to toughen your feet up, is this the best method? I always get blisters and can usually plod through them.... but not for 40 miles.

    What're people's experiences of 1000 mile socks? best tips for quick a quick recovery etc

    I did have a look on the other forums to see if this has been covered once but i can't find anything apart from some guys ripping on Assault boots so sorry if this is another forum that should've just been on FAQ
  2. I use 1000 mile socks for tabbing, and find them very good - comfortable and i never get blisters, but I put that more down to my boots that fit like a pair of slippers - they are perfect :D

    But as to your question about white spirit, I have known lads who have tried it, with mixed results - give it a go.

  3. A simple way to harden the feet is to wear cut off trainer socks outside and soak them in witch hazel. It dries out the skin and hardens the feet. Do it twice a day for a week. Alternatively wear Bridgedale socks.
  4. Surgical spirit.

    either dunk your feet in them, or use a cotton wool swab to apply.

    Good news is that it cools the feet nicely.

    Failing that manufacture a cat-o-nine tails out of electric flex and get some one to whip the souls of your feet. The welts usually firm up in about 2 months.
  5. The trouble with surgical spirit and the like is that they only harden the outer layers of skin. If the muscles in your feet aren't used to tabbing, you'll get blisters anyway and these methods will only ensure that they're deeper and far more serious.

    If you're worried about friction injury, zinc-oxide tape applied to the vulnerable areas before you start is far better; not the pink stretchy crap but the white unbelievably sticky stuff that gives you an upper body workout just peeling it off the roll. Apply it liberally to clean, dry feet and then dust with foot powder.
  6. Walk around barefoot whenever you can.
  7. barefoot Capoeira! Your feet will bleeeeeeed! But you'll be able to stand on the surface of the sun afterwards!

    if you don't fancy looking like a bit of a ballerina though, the only real method is to walk barefoot on hard surfaces as regularly as possible. Walking on carpet isn't going to help one way or the other.

    If you're geting blisters on the sides the base of the achillies it's most likely your foot is slipping around in your boots. Think about better lacing, boots or socks as mentioned above.
  8. Yes, walk barefoot everywhere, through woods , across fields , gravel is very good as it hardens up the arch and the underside of your soles , it will be painful to start with but def works .
  9. Bridgedale liners, thorlo trekkers, good-fitting boots and good foot admin.

    The only way to properly harden your feet is the hard way. Tab in boots, get the blisters and your skin will harden.

    Surgical spirit - errrr no! Just no.
  10. Don't use spirits - it will dry and eventually crack your feet. Just sort out deccent socks & insoles and boots that fit properly - and then walk in them. I'll recommend Smartwool socks - better than 1000 mile, Thorlo, Bridgedale the lot. I'm now replacing all other socks with Smartwool ones - toughest, most comfortable and longest-lasting.
  11. My bold


    Surgical spirit is only good if you want to toughen up your palms. And even then you have to be careful. As Carrot has stated you can still get blisters but they are under all the layers of dead skin and much more painful, serious and more difficult to treat.
  12. Got it in one. Didn't wear shoes until I was ten years old and still hate the bloody things. Go barefoot whenever I can. Gravel and hot tar roads take some getting used to but eventually you end up with soles that look like a rhino's haemorrhoid and frighten small children but they're damned near bulletproof.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Jeez, did your parents not like you then :wink:

    As has been said, good socks and well fitting boots is the way ahead.
  14. I personally find that Potassium Permangermate is best for me, its easily available from your local chemists or drug store, as long as you dont mind the funny looks you get when you buy it. Just make a bowl of warm water (enough so it just covers your toes) and add a pinch of the crystals into it and soak the bottoms of your feet for 20-30 mins a day. I did it in the build up for Njimegan and my feet were sound. The only down side is that it turns your feet purple and gives you nice shiny golden toenails which can be a bit iffy if you are out on the pull.

    All the tips on here are good but not everyones feet are the same, its really down to your own feet and how strong the muscles are. I dont really like the 1000 mile socks because i still get blisters in them half way round a CFT so I wear desert issue ones. Also, I think a good insole does the job aswell, I had Sorbothane Double Strike for a while untill I found out about Superfeet insoles. They get specially made for you in about half an hour and are possibly one of the best investments ive made.
  15. Definate yes on the taping with Zinc Oxide tape, but no-ones mentioned pop socks yet (AKA ladies calf length tights). Wear them under decent socks and they help reduce the friction to almost zero (and you feel WONDERFUL too!!! :wink: :hump: )