Tough on crime?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chef, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. A twenty one year old stabs an old codger, gets caught, tried, found guilty. So far so good, another day on any sink estate you care to mention. Normal sentence, a few years, possibly, for wounding.

    Unless the old codger is an MP, guilty of attempted murder, life sentence with a recommendation of at least 15 years.
    Fair enough, but why does this only seem to happen when a member of the establishment is involved? Just up the road from us, a young lad was shot dead, if his killer is caught will they be looking at the wrong end of 15 years?
  2. Probably, as near as dammit if found guilty - the average 'lifer' does 13.5 years and shooting a kid dead in the street isn't exactly average.
  3. Fair enough, it just seems to me that if you are in the public eye, the law is applied more rigourously, when the DPP's spouse was mugged the police were all over the case like a rash, Pete Townsend required many police to arrest him, dangerous hardman that he is. Huge numbers of police managed to turn up when Fred 'the shred' Goodwin had his windows bricked.

    I guess I'm getting more cynical as I get older.
  4. Should have sent down his three ******* mates in the gallery as well.
  5. I quite agree with you about all that though I don't think it qualifies you as a hard core cynic, just a realist - 'twas ever thus, I'm afraid, and is unlikely to change anytime soon.
  6. Can't go hurting our masters and get away with it now can they?

    Four legs good. Two legs better.

    (though on a serious note, I'd be interested in this blokes previous criminal history)
  7. I assumed we were talking about the moslem bint that stabbed MP Stephen Timms after watching too much YouTube.