Tough on crime.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. This from Sky News. I'll forebear commenting other than to say that nicking a rapist is as good police work as two mobile-phoners when driving

  2. I am sorry, but D&D is very bad, Robbers are scum, but how the fcuk can you put a rapist, potential or otherwise in the same league. Another screwed police commissonar and his fcuked up ideas. I am sure if they wanted, Traffic cops, most of them scum, can come in at the end of each day with over a thousand points for for minor traffic violations if they really wanted. Leaving the serious criminals to get on with it 8O
  3. okay.. am I reading this wrong?..

    but How the feck does a traffic cop know which guy driving is the rapist or other bad enough guy so he can pull him over and win the extra points and not bother with the ordinary yutz doing the same stupid illegal traffic manoeuver?
  4. Superintendent Mick Doyle, you are a c*nt along with the rest of the ********* who allowed this scheme.

    Points scheme Mk2:

    5 points for calling Superintendent Mick Doyle a c*nt on the internet

    10 points for calling Superintendent Mick Doyle a c*nt in a personal e mail
    ( Superintendent.Mick_ Doyle_is_a_c* )

    100 points for calling Superintendent Mick Doyle a c*nt to his face.

    1000 points for getting for an illegal immigrant, shoplifter, someone breaching bail conditions, a mentally ill person or a pedestrian to call Superintendent Mick Doyle a c*nt.
  5. Surely the 1000 pointer should be for Mick doyle, Supt of Police (retired hopefully?) when he admits he is a cnut??
  6. [​IMG]Torygraph

    in other words, they can prioritise the real crimes and choose to forget the petty crimes. Is this another example of re-defining the problem to make it go away or am i just a big hairy ugly porridge wog with a chip on my shoulder? :D
  7. Feck me. I could have got some copper 10 points this morning...for driving not rape.
  8. jaysus! but it's the copper thats on the beat that gets all the shyte from these sort of motivational techniques!!
  9. Sounds like he should be put away himself, certainly not a candidate for brain of the month. :roll:
  10. Words fail me at his stupidity... AAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Superintendent Cupid Stunt Mick Doyle to your front, watch and shoot, watch and shoot.
  11. A-ha..I dewtect incitement to murder, that has got to be worth almost as many points as driving whilst listening to a loud radio channel! "Excuse me sir but could you mug that old lady around the corner, I'm waiting for a soft-touch motoring offence you see..."
  12. This really has to be one of the most disgraceful and stupid stunts ever!

    1. If it's to help 'stretched' police officers prioritise their time, then why do rapists only get 10 points, surely they deserve to be much higher given the magnitude of the crime!

    2. A points system cheapens the whole process, I see also that they are expected to gain a certain number of points per week as well, so now we can expect an increase in collaring people for minor mis demeanors so that this can be met!

    My only good comment about this is that it appears to have enraged a large number of rank-and-file officers to the same degree that it has triggered comments here.
  13. Is it like airmiles? The more you collect, the better the prize? That is one****ed up list, your average traffic warden, sorry, cop..could take all week off, do a 2 hour stint outside his nearest squaddie watering hole and have enough points to take the rest of the month off, as well as getting a matching tie and cufflink set!
  14. FFS - are they all knobbers, or what? :evil:
  15. Bad enough traffic go around matching car colours to play snooker - now they have this game as well. Won't be long before they have X-Box in the cars.