Tough on Crime; Tough on the Causes of Crime?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by dingerr, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. There now appears to be an acceptable excuse for committing a crime:

    Takes the Piss
  2. i just threw up in my mouth
  3. I'm desperate to kick chavs to death. Anyone join me?
  4. Give them a trial , if found guilty put them down , complete waste of oxygen. Once a crack head always a crack head
  5. There is NO excuse for committing crime.

    If the crime was committed in "desparation or need" then something should be done to address that, but not lower sentances.

    If it because the area is poor then things need to be looked at. See if we can poach a call centre from India or something.

    If it because the criminal scum was a junky they need detox. I am sure even those who advocate drugs on this forum will agree. If someone says they are desparate for drugs and commits crime because of it, their drug use can no longer be classed as "wreckreational".
  6. This is being brought about by the fact that our prisons are becoming overcrowded. Why are they overcrowded ? Not enough of a deterrent and many reoffend.

    Does this mean I can rob my local petrol station and say it was out of deperation to pay for my holiday to Florida ?

    Too many do gooders, who always look for an excuse on the side of the criminal not the suffering of the victim.

    About time some of these do gooders were mugged or had their house burgled. They could then have the pleasure of seeing the perpetrator in court who would get off with community service.

    I think it's about time we put all criminals on an island. Tell the navy anything floating away from it can be fired upon. Any drugs confiscated in raids should be placed on the beach for them to party on.
  7. Stupid stupid stupid. If the criminal is an addict or desperate for other reasons, then the chances of re-offending are higher, not lower!

    We need to be increasing punishment to reduce crime, not reducing punishment to encourage it just because the jails are full.

    Vigilante justice gets ever more likely as the Govt refuses to protect law abiding citizens.
  8. We can reduce the number of prisoners in jail overnight by over 10% , deport every foreign criminal.
  9. Yeah that'll learn em. who wants to go to some island beach and get off their tits on various substances.
  10. The Island is called Gruinard and the various substances are the only things that are available. Nothing else will be supplied.
  11. If we understood who was shipping drugs here and why, this would be clearly understandable.
  12. Hanging all the murderers, rapists, kiddy fiddlers and ginger/welsh prisoners would help reduce the numbers.

    This just shows how incapable Laibour are at tackling crime.
  13. Is that a Boolean thing? Do they have to be ginger and Welsh or just ginger or welsh? What if they are ginger or/and not welsh?
  14. an addict is only going to stop when forced to
    seen it given 6 months to address there behavior thats 5 months three quarters of thieving and last week before going to court wants on the pro gramme counselling etc etc. case of too late chum. :(
    had a stand up row with my manager when I refused to write a letter saying the bloke was committed to addressing his problems 6 months of missed appointments spoke for itself :twisted:
    stupid idea.
    Now if the crim has got himself into a successful treatment programme sobered up between being nicked and going to trial then they should get credit.
    Case in point another lad done for shoplifiting ended up In court "i'd like to plead guilty to this your honour as I probably did do it but I was so off my face on drugs I have no memory of the events :roll: community drug order result as it meant he got counselling which we could'nt get just by asking for it still sober and not nicking stuff.
    so it can work but only if the crim is remorseful and has actually done something by the time they go to trial no evidence of actually doing anything about there probles throw the book at the barstards they can detox in jail