Tough on Crime Liebour fail due to ECHR

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. I've never understood the UK's take on the ECHR, every other country that has it, has deported people, but in the UK they don't?
  2. But we are Brtitish,and we play by the rules.
  3. We even make the rules more stringent than they really are, just to show how keen we are.
  4. Bugger..I think I am morphing in one of those Angry Daily Mail readers....I almost typed that in Caps Locks as well in my internet anger.

    Things like this just get right up my nose,and just seem to be irritating more every time I foolishly read about them....I am going to have to stop winding myself up.

    Back to the main point,Its not as if the British play by the Rules either.The government pretty much pick and choose which rules that they want to adopt from Europe and those that they dont.They make a point of enforcing this Human Rights circus and then ignore sensible ( in my opinion ) EU rules that would actually help us.

    EU stated that it was against all they stood for that certain nations in Europe to be penalised over another when purchasing certain goods...while staring at Gordon Brown in reference to Duty Free....which he ignored.

    EU tried to pass a law that any item of equipment or clothing that would be used for safety....ranging from motorcycle leathers to life jackets,work boots and gloves ( etc ) should not be taxed or VAT....guess what country ignore that?
  5. "But we are Brtitish,and we play by the rules".

    Yes - because we are being run (or ruined) by a festering canker called 'Politcal Correctness' fed and watered by the Loonie Left. Those of a Marxist-Leninist-Communist orientation who are in positions of power and influence. Many of these same 'Fellow Travellers' were students during the heady days of the 1960s, 1970s and into the 1980s.

    It would be interesting to see how many of the current Nues Arbeits Ministers and Cabinet members were also members of the CPGB or toyed with Marxism during their student days. What's the betting some of them still have hankerings after the old old Soviet Union!

    As for the HRA, or our version of it as what was 'Written by Blair, Broone and Pals', or their legal advisors. It is curious that other EU member States don't seem to have the same ruddy problems that we do!!

    I says... Get rid of the HRA in its current configuration, rewrite it, so it cannot be used by f*cktards to try and avoid the Due Process of Law.

    I hope the Conservatives have the 'Cojones' to do just this once they are in office, and never minds the howls and wails that will go up from the Labour and its Lefty Leaning Numpties. :roll:

  6. That is very true…

    If the rules say something like 'were possible', we immidiately interpret that as 'you must' and end up in the merde

  7. A certain Cherie Booth QC who practices at Matrix Chambers have made a absolute bloody fortune suing the UK Gov under the Yuman Rights act…

  8. ugly feckin cow
  9. While I sincerely hope the Tories rip up, or at least severely restrict the EHRA, remember the Party is led by Call-me-Dave Cameron, who once advised us to hug a Hoodie. :roll:

    Perhaps I'm doing him an injustice; he might get into power, re-name himself Lord High Protector and set up the Fingermen. Before re-introducing the death penalty for murder, terrorism, sex offences and membership of the Labour Party(the sentances to be carried out retrospectively :twisted: ).

    One can but live in hope... :wink:
  10. Fully agree, radical changes in certain area's is whats needed but will we see it if & when the Tories take charge next May??