Tough Mudder

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DesktopCommando, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. Yeah I ran it last December (the Aldershot event).

    I was having a big dump when they were doing the big gay warmup and so started at the back of the pack. I spent the first 2 miles getting clear of them, it was a nice run after that. They'd had to break the ice on the puddles with sledge hammers before the event, they were a bit chilly and it felt strange running with no feeling below the knees.
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  2. I'm entered for the South West TM. Is it all that? Looks like it is a 1/2 mile run, queue for the obstacle, 1/2 mile run, queue for obstacle etc.
    Unless your quick and get up front, is it all that hard?
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I ran the first UK TM in Kettering and am running the SW one next month. Good Laff, except when you get 10k volts to the head.
  4. No, apart from the puddles there were only 2 obstacles of note, the first was a big pit full of mud, the second was a big pit full of mud with a cargo net to crawl under.

    I wouldn't call it difficult, it was just cross country but you had to run through deep puddles.

    It was supposed to be 8 miles but I'd say it was closer to 9.
  5. I thought Id have a look at it first, least help rather than run straight away since I resemble a small hippo
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  6. I've signed up for the first French one next month, 13k with 22 obstacles over some military training area. Can't say I'm looking forward to it ...
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  7. Skunkmiester, I've just realised I've been chatting shite. I did the Grim Challenge, we were going to do Tough Mudder but the cheeky ***** wanted £80 each to run so we chinned it off. Ignore my posts above.
  8. No worries, thanks Spaz.

    I wouldn't have paid £80 to run, seemed daft, but a bunch of mates were doing it, so I just did it for a laugh to run with them.

    Stupid idea, I would rather we had all put £80 behind the bar.
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  9. Looking at doing this in October but I believe it's £90 plus £10 insurance. Or on the other hand I can join the Army Reserve/TA and get paid to tab/run. Still prepping for it, wether I decide to pay up and do it or not.

    The gym I use has Tough Mudder classes to build you up to it which is mostly burpees, squats, running, bear crawling and having buckets of ice water thrown over you while doing press/sit ups.

    It's shit, so it must be good for you.

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  10. volunteer its £15 to do the next race ... fine you give up half a day to 2 full days, plus what ever accom, but its maybe worth it
  11. I signed up for the sw one. I personally can't wait, bit of a taster before my basic in November

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  12. Well still havent seen any paperwork, so signed up to the NW one on 5th Oct, currently in Deepcut on course so running 7 sisters everyday as part of build up
  13. Thats a bit pricey for getting muddy during phys?

    Anyone else just plain sick of hearing civvy twats bang on about doing Tough Mudder? Try doing it with full kit and weapon you utter faggots
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  14. I think we've moved on a bit since that was a popular train of thought, mate.
    Or perhaps not.