Tough Mudder Terrorist Chaser

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Canader, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Anyone ever heard of this ol' terrorist chaser? Thinking of going in it, but not if it's run by a Walt with a Harvard MBA.

    Will Dean

    Chief Executive Officer

    Our fearless leader and one half of the founding fathers of Tough Mudder. Will spends his day talking loudly to journalists on the phone, pouring over giant spreadsheets, and worrying what mayhem the rest of us have caused. He is always coming up with wacky new business ideas and cunning marketing plans supposedly designed to ensure Tough Mudder has completely taken over the world within 5 years.

    An Englishman, Will spent 5 years in the Middle East and South Asia chasing terrorists for the British Government before getting it into his head that an American MBA would be a good thing to do. Finding himself with a lot of time on his hands at the Harvard Business School, he decided to do a marathon and then a triathlon. On reflection, both seemed a little pointless, boring, and antisocial and mainly a test of how much time he had to spend training. Other events out there were either crazy expensive, hard to get to, took a long time, or just plain lame. When not searching the globe for crazy new ideas for Tough Mudder, Will likes riding his bike around Brooklyn and watching classic British sitcoms at home with a beer.
    Please direct questions/inquiries to: (serious inquiries only please, no spam, resumes, or pictures of your niece in a TM headband)

    About Us | Tough Mudder
  2. Tough Mudder was founded by Will Dean, a former counter-terrorism agent for the British Government on Wiki

    The founder of Tough Mudder is Will Dean, an Englishman, whose background prior to the series lay in financial counter-terrorism for the British Government on FB.

    From the TM website ...

    Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed 'by' British Special Forces.

    Presumably he knows somebody or maybe not?

    Designed 'after' British Special Forces exercises. Tough Mudder Training Plan | Endurance |

    Though how a Chernobyl Jacuzzi, a neon-colored ice bath resembling radioactive waste; Electroshock Therapy, a field of wires juiced up with 10,000 volts of electricity; and Everest, a quarter-pipe covered in cooking spray that requires teamwork to get up ... resembles the Fan dance is anybodies guess.
  3. Yes, and I fully believe that all website bios contain the 100% truth, especially those dedicated to combat style fitness programs. Not.
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  4. I've known a couple of Harvard MBA grad's who were sponsored through by their employer. They told me that whilst you listen to lectures from xspurts much of the activity is producing hypothetical business plans and presentations with strict deadlines, somewhat akin to that thing Alan Sugar was doing/does on the telly. A fair few businesses are founded based on the dissertations produced during a Harvard MBA; two of the more notable examples being FEDEX and the Capital One Credit Card. So, I would reckon this brainchild was as a result of matey spending some time in septicland, seeing the opportunity whilst doing his MBA and now acting on it with a bunch of mates. It ain't feckin cheap to take part...........I'd rather take myself for a beasting around a 10 mile circuit, climb the odd farmers barbed wire fence, use some multi-coloured soap in cold chernobyl shower and save the money.
  5. each and every single one of their female employees would get it.

    although I'd have to think of Ali, Danielle or Miller (what is it with septics and female names?) while I'm doing Gina.