Tough love or child abuse?

Telegraph - Grandad faces jail for forcing his grandchildren on a gruelling hike

A man convicted of child abuse for forcing his three grandsons on a gruelling hike in the Grand Canyon was sentenced to 27 months in prison on Thursday, the minimum term the judge could have imposed.

Shortly after his arrest in August, Carlson told investigators that his grandsons were overweight and that he thought hiking the Grand Canyon would get them into shape. They were 8, 9 and 12 at the time.

The boys have said that they love their grandfather and loved spending last summer travelling to various countries with him. But the boys also testified that Carlson kicked or hit them if they were too slow on a 15-mile hike on Aug. 15 and a 19-mile hike on Aug. 28.

The oldest boy told jurors that he secretly asked a hiker to call emergency medical services toward the end of the Aug 28 hike after he began throwing up, fell down because of cramping and experienced changes to his vision.
As much as I disagree with accident waiting to happen regarding heat injury, I can't help but think that this is what the kids needed...
Right idea, probably wrongly executed. If he had taken them on a hike but did so at a reasonable pace and took account of the heat and the need for rest stops it would have been OK.


He should have taken them on a short walk, then built them up to a hike.

You're hardly gonna get your kids into the idea that hiking can be fun, if you frag them.

As already said above: Right idea, wrongly executed.
As others have said, starting slow and building up the length and severity is best for getting them fitter. Involving them in planning and finding out info about the geology, wildlife and history to get them interested makes hiking fun too. The guy sounds like a fruit-loop.
Precedent set in American Law. Its now against the law to make fat people walk anywhere, 10 years and we'll have it over here.

Too late my friend, its called the disability discrimination act.......and yes, that includes fatties, junkies, alcoholics and shy people.
Right idea, probably wrongly executed. If he had taken them on a hike but did so at a reasonable pace and took account of the heat and the need for rest stops it would have been OK.
I agree that exercise is healthy but it's what goes in that counts. The calorific consumption over a 10 mile hike is probably less than a Maccy D.

He should've put them on an Austrian diet of basement and bum sex.
"Carlson is such a young grandfather because he had his first child – Tara Danaher, the mother of the boys – when he was 15. Danaher was 17 when her oldest was born. In all, Carlson has five children, all with different mothers."

I think that tells us a lot about the family in question.

Add to that the fact that they are all overweight porkers who would dob in their own Grandfather to the plod in order to get of doing a bit of exercise. (A slow waddle in the park in nice weather.)

And they are American as well so they desrve a good kick up the backside for walking slowly. (If left unchecked it might lead on to being late for wars and other important social functions.)


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19 miles in a place with temperatures of 45C in the shade and off the radar in the sun? That would tax an experienced hiker never mind out of shape 8, 9 and 12 year olds. Grand and Bryce canyons are some fantastic walking but ease the kids in slowly for Gods sakes.

There is a joke in that last line I am sure.
He obviously wasnt tough enough as the whinging gopping fat cnuts got him locked up.....go figure.
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