Tough lawyers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. Sometime, somewhere on the forum, I've seen an advert for - something like - 2 lawyers who get tough with the Army sort of thing. Anyone can do better and give me a link please. Specifically the forum advert rather than just any two rotweillers. TIA
  2. if its the one im thinking of, it was an advert link at the top of the page. they were an american firm. and i actually emailed them to complain about their website spiel, as they bragged about getting off servicemen who admitted rape, on a technicality. scumbags.
  3. Tough lawyers? Is'nt that an oxymoron, like military intelligence or honest politician?
    Old Willie S. had the right idea:"First, kill all the lawyers."
  4. They are indeed an American firm. I pondered over their ad for a while, in particularly the 'aggresively taking on military courts' bit (or some old twaddle along those lines). I could just picture them offering the JAG a fight, smacking the APA guy in the mouth, head butting all the prosecution witnesses and knobbling the complainants car.
  5. Don't give them a hard time, ORC. I'm sure they're used to it by now. Unless you need them, that is :D
  6. Thanks - I now have what I needed to confirm. EOS
  7. In addition to a good publisher, I can also recommend a couple of gentlemanly QCs who would be a lot more help than a couple of "tough lawyers" from the darkest midwest.

    Is Arrse that desperate for advertising revenue, or can something meaningful be done about the quality of advertising content??
  8. Here's a couple of "tough lawyers" for you.

    Former New York City Corporation Counsel Francis Wellman wrote a couple of books on trial practice. From one of them (I no longer recall the title) an anecdote about a nineteenth century small town Texas courtroom.

    It seems that the judge and one of the lawyers weren't getting on well.

    The judge challenged the lawyer as to what authority the lawyer could cite in support of his position.

    The lawyer pulled out a Bowie knife and said "I rest my case on Bowie on Knives."

    To which the judge, reaching under his jacket for the appropriate instrument, retorted: "Your law is no good, sir. The controlling authority is Colt on Revolvers."
  9. If you are in the poo and need a lawyer for a court martial - Gilbert Blades is your man. Wilkin, Chapman, Epton & Blades Solicitors,
    Bank Street, Lincoln, LN2 1DR. Got a chap I know off bullying recruits. Was the most clear cut case ever, then he swept up to Scotland in his gold Rolls Royce, ripped the court martial to bits, picked up his £500 an hour fee and breezed out again. Job done.
  10. GilbertBlades, man of absolute Rottweiler-ness
    Courts martial both Army and RAF hate him

    Remember him getting guys off of allsorts in the 90's in BFG.
    Any little loophole and he's the man to find it.