Tough Guy

Me & a mate were going to train up for this for the summer one & travel over from Norn Irn. Is it honestly worth it? The website makes it sound a lot harder than you guys are telling us.


Too late for the winter one, am going to break myself in gently with the summer one (Nettle Warrior X).

R an R

Will be starting with the Ghoons squad this year.. so I'll see any of you other lunatics on the start line


All went well - not as tough as I had feared, to be honest, mostly good fun. Some very smelly "mud" halfway thouh the run though, and water bits were really horrible.

Couldn't believe how crap some people were at the top of some of the obstacles, just get over the fukcing thing!!

All in all thoroughly recommended.


Winter Tough Guys - I shite em' :D

Plenty of mud, horseshite and never felt pain quite like it when having to submerge my head under freezing water..... was a good laugh!!

Good effort to all those who entered, saw a few RE lads hurrah!


Mag to Grid - Just wondering if you did it with the team that came over from 1 AAC? Did it yesterday with the our new OC who is utterly mad for the event! Mentalist! He was at 1 AAC last year. Just wondering...?

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