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Never did it, wanted to though. I couldn't go into it half cocked, I'd have to train all out or nothing. Too fat, useless and smelly now! But you should now that it's on your mind. Good luck, have fun.....


I did it last year, it was good fun. It wasn't nearly as long as the website suggests, I'd say 5 miles including obstacles, maybe slightly more.

The water was freezing when I did it, we walked the course before the race and there was a good cm of ice on the ponds, but you get numb. The H&S on some of the obstacles was iffy, it really is dangerous and you are likely to hurt yourself if you're not careful. I don't regard this as a problem, but think about it first.

The main problem with my enjoyment of it was having to queue for ages to get onto the obstacles.
That looks fucking amazing.

Something to train for methinks. What are the general requirements? Massive upper body strength?

Any ideas?

Well, uber queg and professional "nice" bloke, Ben Fogle did it, so just how difficult can it be?


Great event, you do sign H&S waivers but the chance of serious injury is not great considering over 5000 people do it, and whilst last winter ony 3300 finished mostly it is cold and sprains. The only reason they have th efearsome looking waivers (when I did it 10 years ago there was nothing) is that one or two idiots are taking legal action FFS.
Do it!


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I'm doing it! With a fair few guys from my mob.

Utter, utter madness - but it looks great! Who wants to be all warm and snuggly anyways...
I did it in 2005 and it is brilliant! We flew over from germany the night before having managed to get transit accomadation in Donnington as it wasn't that far away. When we got to Donnington someone suggested going out for a nice carb loading pasta meal, instead it turned into a hardcore session on the lash! When we got to tough guy the next morning i was in a right state! The run at the begining has some cheeky hills and I think its about 6-8 miles long. The obstacles though when it is cold are mental! your soaked through to the skin, covered in mud and freezing your butt off, but there is something about it that makes it good! The biggest pain was the qeues to get on the obstacle as there are that many people there and the showers are sh*t too! All in all though, well worth it, injury prevents me from doing it again but i would love too!
Top tip too, buy a pair of cheap weight training gloves and wear them all the way through and just bin them at the end. Glad I wore mine.
As mag to grid says wear some old kit that you don't mind chucking away at the end because it's usually in shiit state, either that or take loads of bing bags to put it in, I wore an old Helly Hansen lifa top and some rather fetching running tights which did nothing for me! You do get a bit chilly standing round the obstacles and you're normally quite wet so get in a huddle! The year I did there was some burger vans there but the queues were huge so try and take some scoff just in case. Have fun.
Praetorian said:
That looks fucking amazing.

Something to train for methinks. What are the general requirements? Massive upper body strength?

Any ideas?


If you've got it then great, if not then overall heart and lung endurance would be enough. Upper body strength is diminished if the bodies tank is empty, (i.e. a boxer with a good engine should out fight a boxing tactician).


To be honest, if you are fit enough to pass a PFT and CFT without any dramas you'll get around the course; there were plenty of civvies doing it who weren't that fit, and I certainly wasn't. Like a lot of these things, guts and a desire to push yourself actually count more than being a gym queen.

Hats off (get it!) to the Paras last year who did it in boots, helmets and CBA.

I'd like to have a stab at doing it in CEFO with a weapon, but you'd never be allowed.
The year I did it there were para regt lads who were doing it in shiny hot pants, boots and a dickie bow and nothing else! There was a guy in just a thong too, must have been bast@rd freezing!


I have competed in the past 3 events, I wont be there this time, but will be competing in the summer. Tips:

1. Training, just general fitness, and dont be a wimp.
2. Cloting. Old clothes, bin everything after. Take warm kit for after the event.
3. Get a pair of gloves (as mentioned above). they sell some for £1 they usually last about half the course but help keep you hands warm.
4. Take food and drink. The burger van is a rip-off.
5. Dont get stuck behind a fat b*stard in the tunnels.
6. Enjoy :thumleft:


I'm doing it this year! 28th Jan, should be good fun though I'm hoping the weather stays above freezing!

To keep warm I've got hold of a thermal rash vest, basically a thin wetsuit top, which should keep me alive on the wet bits. Hopefully I won't get too hot on the run, though I guess I can always take it off.

I'm also wearing some sailing gloves which are designed to get wet and withstand ropes and that kind of thing, we'll see how they face up to the challenge.

Must get off for a run now...