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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cardiffstudent, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Perhaps very stupidly I've just signed up to do Tough Guy in January.
    Wondering if anyone on here who has done it has any tips.
    In terms of the best kind of training and also what kit to get.
    In particular is it worth getting fell running shoes or will standard stuff suffice?

  2. what is it?
  3. WR - The winter one if the full fat Tough Guy, the summer one is a diet version known as Nettle Warrior

    CS -

    I ran the winter 09 and summer 09 Tough Guy events. I am signing up for the Jan 2010 one as well.

    I ran both in shorts and tshirt. lightweight is ideal as you will get wet and muddy. Given the nature of a lot of the obstacles a close fitting synthetic top is ideal. Cotton will just hold water and will get heavy and probably mean you are even more cold and uncomfortable! for the shorts any running shorts will be fine.

    I ran the winter one in Asics trail runners (cant remember the name) and the summer one in Salomon speed cross 2 trail runners. Both worked very well and I passed a lot of people who were slipping a lot more than me! so i would recommend a pair of trail shoes.

    With regards to the event... I cannot stress enough the importance of a full english in the morning! :) the beans and toast get you through the early run country miles sections, with the fried eggs really helping in the slalom hill section (plenty of time to be made up here as a lot of people are slow on the way up and pussy out on the way down once again going slow!), the hash browns are handy for a majority of the killing fields and the sausages really come into their own at the end to guide you in! for a little extra pace cover the entire meal in ketchup!
  4. Jungle boots work well, I did it in combats and a lifa top. I also had a really cheap pair of weight training gloves which were a god send. I would also recommend a small waterproof pouch for some sweets like wine gums.
  5. Good shout on the gloves! They are well worth wearing.
  6. I ate After-Eights at 1930hrs once, that's tough!
  7. I've done it about 5 times now over the summer and winter. For your feet trail running shoes are fine a little bit of grip is ideal. If you are a little delicate some tube-e-grip stuff for your knees, not for support but just to stop you scuffing them. And like what has already been said synthetic shorts and t shirts. I used Helly lifer as well, plus a set of gloves for the obstacles. Now for the big tip don't buy new stuff as it will all get trashed and you'll possibly just end up leaving it there. Wouldn't really bother with sweets as they'll get trashed on the water obstacles and unless your near the front it's not that hard to run as the cues stop you pushing on fast.
    But apart from that the next big point is to get your perving eyes on with the lasses in the showers at the end ;-)
    And enjoy one of the best obstacle courses the way they should be run with a total disregard to health and saftey!
  8. A good event well worth doing. Done it once and have the medal, but I don't think I'll do it again, not in a negative way towards the event, but I don't feel as if it has to be tackled again.

    Have a look at this link as there's more stuff regarding Toughguy.

    Previous ARRSE Thread
  9. Done the winter one before. Go fast early on to get ahead of the main pack, that way you can avoid standing around queing for the obstacles.
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    The earlier comment about queues is the most pertinant - unless you start in the front pack and stay there you will wait for a fair old while.

    I've done 2 winter tough guys, and the thing that tops it for me was at the end - after getting changed and scoffed and enjoying a well earned beer, I saw a pensioner (no really!) just coming towards the end in a borat mankini and nowt else, no shoes no gloves no dice.

    Put all us wimps to shame!!!
  11. I was considering doing this a few months ago, but dates for when I thought my main board were put me off.

    Now that's been put back I may well sign up. How much is it this far out. I looked in July and then I think it was £120
  12. To save on the entrance fee and raise money for a good cause?

    You're a tough guy - but are you tough enough for the Tough Guy™ Challenge? -

    The Royal British Legion is looking for 100 people to take part in next year's Tough Guy™ Challenge on 31 January 2010.

    The event is a gruelling eight mile cross-country slog, which will take you through swamps, over fences, under barbed wire, down tunnels and across a rope suspended above the infamous 'Dragon Pools!'… amongst other things.

    The Legion is looking for 100 hardy souls who can take up this challenge and represent the nation's leading Armed Forces charity. We are asking that each participant seek to raise at least £375, with 75% of the proceeds going to the real-life tough guys that serve, or have served, in our Armed Forces.

    I'm assuming that the entrance fee is waivered if you raise the minimum amount?

    RBL Website
  13. are you gay? i was getting amongst it on the way round. the trenches are a godsend, give the odd fit chick a push up on her arrse, shes grateful and i got to cop a feel and didnt get a slap after. everyones a winner.

    on a serious note, i did feb 09 in full c95 (including issued boots) and i did it in nearly dead on 2 hours.

    really the hardest part was cramp and the cold. phys wise, i thought it wasnt easy but not exactly rock solid either. in boots the hills got a bit 'arduous', but what sucked was going from being warm from running to being neck deep in freezing water. i found wearing proper gloves was a mistake, they got wet, my hands got and stayed cold, and i had to climb cargo nets using the crooks of my elbows at one point because my hands could barely grip.
    id wear something thin on my hands, take the edge of all the rope burn, but allow your hands to dry out.
  14. Take a look at the Grim Challenge in December at Aldershot. I did it last year and it was a top day. Will be good practice for the tough guy.
  15. I used leather weight-lifting gloves. The back is thin nylon so doesn't absorb water and the thick hide on the palms get's wet but doesn't squelch like a chamois leather. Your fingers are free too.