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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Tango, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. So who finished, and how did you do?

    I managed a 2:19, was in absolute tatters at the finish line, don't think I've been that cold in a long time. I think the telegraph poles and bridge really hit with the cold!
  2. 2.26 for me :D
  3. I started with the wobblemucker squad as i wanted to start with a couple of mates and i finished it in 1:55 with my mates finishing in 2:21 and 2:23. I found that when the going got very wet it was definitely bearable as long as there was time to run and keep the legs and feet warm. The in and out of the water about 15 times with only a couple metre in between was making it very hard! Got some nice blisters and war wounds today!

    The anaconda section (concrete tubes you have to climb over) got me a treat on the first one as half way over it the calves cramped up and i had an inevitable date with the dirt! learnt my lesson after the first one and changed my approach slightly... looked a little like a flid but i didnt get cramped up as badly!
  4. Anyone see the competitor on page 7 of "Metro" in his mankini??

    One of the ARRSE flock :?

    If so i claim my crate!!
  5. From here.
  6. He's been in the press a lot, I hope for his sake that he's not HM Forces, or he'll be buying a lot of crates!
  7. The guy that drove me down there did it in a thong 8O Got loads of Press attension but aint seen photos everywhere.

    Daz :eek:
  8. Yay... I did it in 3 hours 19!

    Probably could have done it quicker had I not played the part of dutiful teacher and dragged one of the sixth formers round. Poor lamb got ditched by his mates before the first obstacle!! (so much for us telling them to go round in pairs!) We then had to ditch him with a medic at the skywalk... he looked like he was disco dancing he was shivering that much.

    The irony is that he is on the rugby team, has done some serious training and all I did was one hill training session 3 weeks ago, a couple of spin classes and eaten shitloads of chocolate! It pays to have a bit of lard on you I guess!! :D

    Did anyone else get stuck behind that stupid woman who decided to have a chat on her mobile half way up the A frame, waiting for her camera man?!!

    BTW... I was the one dressed as a bumblebee and my chum was the ladybird! I can thoroughly recommend corsets and fishnets as good thermal gear... the only part of me that was cold were my fingertips when we were crossing over the rope bridges!

    Going back again next year! See you all there... any suggestions for costumes?
  9. Aha, my mate took pictures of you two being interviewed by some press-wallah, your race numbers were 496 (you) and 497 (your mate)?

    If you want a copy of the pictures, PM me your email address and I'll send them over.

    - Tango

    ps He took pictures of all the costumes, not just yours, don't worry!
  10. Awww, you had me feeling all special up til then!! PM on it's way! xx
  11. Did Loughborough Uni get in anyone elses way? All dressed in pink, about 20 of them ran a few feet in front of me and the STOPPED or minced round :x So glad I overtook them pricks (next year they die).

    Just spoke to someone from there and only about 50% got through... HAHAHA

    Daz :p

    Anyone up for Nettel worrior?
  12. considering the Loughborough team all started in the front squad they will have got in plenty of peoples way! :) I am posting my form for nettle warrior tomorrow. Hopefully get to start with the tough guy squad having competed in a previous event.

    is that 50% of Loughborough got through or 50% of all starters?? apparently about 600 cases of hypothermia plus the compulsary broken legs and ankles etc...
  13. Maybe we should put in an ARRSE team... wearing nothing but a cheery smile and the ARRSE bow tie, lol!!
  14. They were a bunch in Wetnecks that got in my way, sounded like rite annoying little tofts some of them (can't stand that bullcarp fake wanna be upper class accent)

    Sorry if your from Loughborough btw... actually am not really, above is my view^

    I am well up for this 8)
  15. Daz, who did it in a thong? That's insane. Did he do it all?
    Was he ok or cut to shreds?
    How did he find it?