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Just did this today in Staffordshire, enjoyed it immenseley, and thinking of making it an annual occurance. Any ARRSErs do this, or in the past? And what are your views on it?

Also, they say it's the toughest assault course in the world, ...but surely not. However I would love CTCRM Lympstone to open it's gates for a similar event, and get all those civvies going through the Tarzan, maybe with a mudrun thrown in!
Did it in 2008-boiling hot day-really good fun, got burnt, cut and electrocuted and would love to do it again, watch out for Tough Mudder comps as there seems to be a few about. Some of ours have done the winter TOUGH Guy - respect to them. Just a bit too far for me to do every year plus the cost has rocketed.

Well done.


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Never done the summer one as it doesn't appeal but done the winter one a couple of times - great fun, utterly knackering and also you can end up with the most incredible cramps. Fair number of serving blokes (and birds) go round so have a go and enjoy yourself.


I'm thinking of doing the winter one, with all that water on the course I can imagine it is bloody baltic!
Did the winter one a few years ago. Painfully cold but great fun. You need to run hard enough to generate sufficient heat to avoid hyperthermia. The risk is that if you get your timing wrong you end up queuing for obstacles, stationary, soaking wet in freezing water. Brrr.
Did the summer one last year. Much prefer the longer course as opposed to the shorter but frozen winter one. Apart for the ridiculous entry fee, would recommend it to anyone. The only downside was the voltage in the hanging wires. Outrageous! I was thinking it was going to be similar to a cattle fence.....
I helped marshall it last year, at one of the swimming areas. At registration there were loads of forces people coming through, the address on their forms gave them away. Tough Guy are also starting a triathlon, 10 K off road ride, 400 metre lake obstacle swim, and then 10 k tough guy.

Tough Guy - The Safest Most Dangerous Event in the World!

I'm thinking of doing the winter one, with all that water on the course I can imagine it is bloody baltic!
On a bad year it's murder!

Trying to hold on across some of the rope obstacles when your hands are stiffening up in the cold aint funny.

Definately do the winter one, the Nettle Warrior gigs are for girls!! :wink:
I did the Winter 2010 one - Amazing! I'd compare it to getting a tattoo - Hurts like hell you might even have to hold back a little tear sometimes, but once it's done, you'll want to do it again!
I did get Hypothemia, I had cuts and bruises all down my shins from running through the water (Mostly the first section with the trenches) as the clumps of broken ice hit my legs and I couldn't walk properly for 2 days after!
The worst bit of the winter one is before the underwater caverns or whatever they are. It's when you hit the large lake and have to go head under the water to get under the log, before the U-turn to the caverns / holes in the planks.

I'd always say do the winter one and follow the major rule - Think twice, move once. I found that half way round the assault course my arms were numb from the elbow down and my legs numb from the knees down!

Oh and if I did it again - I'd do it in fancy dress!

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