Tough guy Jan 28th

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by veritas, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. This sunday the 28th, is the annual winter tough guy competition


    Having done the summer one with the Army tug of war womens team, My sisters have organised a mixed group of Sigs to do the winter one. I think they are all fecking mental, but I'll be there at the finish with a brew for them.

    If your doing it, good luck you fecking mentalists. I'll be cheering you on.
  2. Worst brain freeze in my life on the underwater tunnels! but great to see so many people helping each other over the obstacles.. restores your faith in humanity (well a bit anyway).. I'm almost tempted to do it again next year.
  3. I will second that - the brain freeze was pretty special. Some good showings by military teams - results are up on the tough guy website now by the way.

    Only complaint was the fannying around at the start line that took 20 minutes to get everyone on their way but overall a good laugh.
  4. Yea.. absolute bedlam at the start.

    Undercover.. you weren't the one sporting the thong were you???
  5. Just checked my position on the listings and the cnuts have me down as DNF????!!!

    I can confirm with a battered and bruised body and gold horseshoe medal that i did!!!!!
  6. Fortunately I was not wearing one of my extensive thong collection yesterday - however the disturbing motion the eyes tattoed on either cheek made when that bloke ran was motivation enough to up the pace and get past!
  7. 7brigade

    Well as you can see my bro in law beat my sisters by quite a bit. They didnt do as well as they did the summer one, but there you go.

    Well done to all of you. It looked like hell. For some reason sisters want me to join the summer one !
  8. Any fellow Arrsers try their hand at Tough Guy this year?
  9. Every time i click the link I cannot access the server. I get the 'Forbidden' Message. Any ideas?
  10. I think its getting updated.

    I've heard from others that out of 5000 nobody finished??? 8O
    As reported in a local rag? I havent seen it but wondered what the story was?
  11. Cheers Cait.
  12. Did it last july came 186th know someone who i did it with last year did it in 1 hour 20 this time.
  13. The nobody finished thing is rubbish, I have a medal wot says I did it...
  14. No one "completed" it, but loads finished. Apparently no one did all the requirements at the obstacles! The guy who runs it is just being a twat.