Tough Guy for the ACF?

Most of you will have heard of the Tough Guy competitions run each year, once in the winter and once in the summer, link --->Tough Guy

The minimum age for entry is 16 however due to demand they are launching a Charity Series being run on 28th Oct 2007 & April 27th 2008.

With this the minimum age has been lowered to 13.

OTC teams enter Tough Guy every year as do alot of serving & ex forces, how about getting some ACF teams in on the charity series?

What is Tough Guy? It is the original survival ordeal, a test of physical and mental endurance designed to take you beyond your limits on torture rack obstacles known as The Killing Fields, following a wild terrain warm up.
Age limit lowered to 13.... in the communal showers :?
I will ask some of my older cadets if they are interested but the younger ones would prob hate the idea, they don't build em like they used too!!
I did it some years ago
its not too bad its a bit like the endurance course on woodbury common but with no time limit.
They add a new obstacle every year and apparently one of the risks is getting cold waiting in a queue to get over the obstacles.
If they dont water it down though I cant see many cadets enjoying it.
My lot would. I'll just ell em that the Rozzers are after them and the course will be done in record time.

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