Tough Guy Challenge 30 Jan 05

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Prodigal, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. My attention has been drawn to the above event and I am feeling this horrible, compulsive and quite insane desire to do it...........

    The worse things I read about it, the stronger the feeling becomes - can someone please give me lots of good reasons why I should not kill myself in some horse dung filled bog in Staffordshire...... in the freezing cold..... being laughed at and ritually humiliated by the racing snakes who will all do it in about 5 minutes..... 8O

    and incidentally, are there any other ARRSE souls out there going to be doing it?!!
  2. yes plenty of reasons not to do it.. is organised by local council..bound to be fkucd!
    2. for all of the above resons you mentioned
    3. it organised by local council
    4. it says tough guy :wink:
    5. it is my council tax they use to pay for it pay them an entrance fee and they pay other to appear!
    7. it organised by local council
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Sad to report that I'll be completing my third Tough Guy in Jan.... it is utter lunacy, freezing cold, wet, smelly, dangerous (have u seen how the obstacles are made) but fantastic fun. Go for it.

    P.S I don't think it is organised by the local council although the policing maybe!
  4. I've got to echo the CO here - I'm not competing this year but I've completed it three times, twice while I was a sixth former! It's a bit wild but it's a great experience. Best of luck.
  5. it is utter lunacy, freezing cold, wet, smelly, dangerous
  6. think I got my quote buttons on back to front....bit like my twin set.... :lol:
  7. See you there, I'm going with a team from here :twisted:
  8. Tough Guy is excellent fun. It's the best Obstacle course you'll ever do!! It's also a bit of a reunion and you'll see loads of people you know. The council has nothing to do with it. Try and book your accommodation with Donnington - loads of squaddie TG teams will be there. Set off steady and pick off the malingerers at your leisure. Take it easy on the hills and be very positive on the Obs Cse. The water will take your breath away. Don't promise yourself you'll never do it again, coz you probably will.
    Best of luck mate.
  9. Anyone have a link? "Tough Guy Challenge" must be something different on your side of the pond than it is on mine.
  10. Thanks for the link, and the warning. :D

    Over here, a tough guy compitition is getting in the ring and beating h*ll out of each other, kind of like the hollidays at Castle Do-Nut. :lol:
  11. Why- its about fantasy football. I was hoping for something else entirely....................
  12. God knows how but I've managed to convince a team of 30 from my Squadron to cross the channel and compete, i guess the promise of a good night out in Brimingham might have had something to do with it.

    Apparently the Ghurkha's are the team to watch, according to all the stuff i received their team finished a good few hours ahead of any others...
  13. i have heard about it, i have seen the photo in my local gym last year, isn't the army involved in organising this as well ? as i saw some guys in military gear in front of the assault course in some of the photos.
  14. just looked at the website it may be too late for me to go in January but i believe they do it thru the year , if so i could train up for it :D