Touchy feely advice sought...

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by captaincalamity, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. I've been emailing/texting a nice sounding lady. Unfortunately she has just sent me a text photo of her tits. I know what I like, and those aint it. One has to have standards. What do I do? How do I let her down nicely, seeing as I am the complete modern man...
  2. Send her a photo of your penis. If you're that much of a puff that you won't stick one up her because you don't like her tits, you're bound to be hung like a scared Chinese doormouse. She'll save you the trouble of turning down a shag.
  3. Shouldn't this post be in the NAFFI Bar for a more complete and sensible answer?
    I'm sure that some of the more sensitive souls who post in there will have the perfect advice for you.
    Personnally, I'd just tell her that my real name was M_D_N and if she didn't see sense and come crawling around to have her back doors kicked in then I don't know what could help you.
  4. You could just say I know what i like and you are not it.
  5. Google the address of Broadmoor and ask her to write to you there.
    Sign it P Sutcliffe.

    If she still contacts you then , you should be very , very afraid!
  6. Captain you haven't said exactly what is wrong with her tits. Maybe if we knew that we could help you more.
  7. standards are for loosers if you start low you can never disapoint yourself.
    Now go forth and and get stuck in
  8. Just txt and tell her what a shallow git you really are, im sure she will find it believable, i dont even know you and thats how you come across..i take it you dont want to have a relationship with this woman?
  9. when you poke her.get her to keep her top on .hey presto another notch and you have nt seen her tits every hole a goal rodders
  10. Is she some sort of heffer or you prefare bigger breasts?
  11. get the photo posted so we can give a better idea of what to say man!! then once we do, give her the url of this thread...presto chango!! she's gone :lol:
  12. Well, what sort of tits DO you like? Most guys settle for anything that doesn't actually droop below the navel.
  13. She hasn't met you and she's already sent you a picture of her tits? Sounds like a classy bird. :wink:

    You sound like a bit of catch yourself, you're clearly fighting them off. Poor you. :roll:
  14. Perhaps it was the wrong forum, choices, yes, but I thought there wasn't a lot going on here so I would post my tuppenceworth. How do I download the pic I wonder? No, I couldn't that..
  15. Actually, Scotlass, I managed to get myself into a discussion with a woman looking for a 'NSA relationship' which is the last thing on my mind. I don't do them full stop. And having no idea of the etiquette in these sorts of things is it simply ok to say, sorry, big mistake? Even people with low moral codes have feelings, surely?