Touching the void

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pompey, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. On now, channel 4...started at 2100

    A superb documentry .
  2. Have you seen the science fiction/porno version?

    .....Touching the Droid!
  3. Pompey, that is an awesome documentary. I am so so so pleased they didn't go all 'hollywood blockbuster' on it.

    It still amazes me that Joe (the one who fell into the glacier) had the mental strength to keep going, truly truly amazing!
  4. Read the book Flowers, and the sequels. Truly amazing guy.
  5. A harsh, but must needed combat estimate to cut your oppo away. He must have had some demons after doing that, it was what was needed at the time. An excellent documentary.
  6. Channel Four paid to have it made into a film -

    The books by Joe Simpson are excellent reads.
  7. Just read the book the other day. That Joe - he is as hard as nails and I would be more than happy to buy him a pint or three any time he cares to 'hop over'!

    How weird for his buddy, simon? having gone through the trauma of having to leave your mate for dead, thinking about how to tell everyone and have him turn up on your dorrstep (tent step). Must be a real mindfcuk!

  8. Espically if you're rifling through his kit when he turns up :lol: .Amazing what people can do inspiring book .
  9. The story of how the book first got published is interesting. After the expedition all sorts of rumours were flying around 'climbing society'. Exagerated versions which made Yates look bad (when in fact he's a hero - fack all water, very hard climbing at pretty high altitude for 3(?) days and then he manages to get Simpson most of the way down the face in sh1tty snow conditions). Anyone Joe was worried about Yates so he wrote an article for High Magazine to with the aim of setting the record straight. From there someone suggested it would make a great book....

    Yates discusses the climb in his book "Against the Wall". If I recall correctly he can't understand what all the fuss was about. Sure it was a very traumatic trip but he feels all of his expeditions have been difficult and traumtic for him.

    Apparently, Simpson suffered some PTSD when he went back to Siula Grande to film the movie. He reenacted some of the crawling scenes himself... scary stuff!!!


  10. Ooohh I read that too! I was actually nearly blubbing myself as he re-told it. You could see the guy re-living it.
  11. RTFQ


    The DVD is well worth getting, the extras include Yates' view on the whole thing, and to be fair he was largely nonchalent anout that particular exped, as has been said, he's done harder. The account of the donkey ride back from Base Camp to civilisation is funny as hell, the donkey kept veering of to the side and banging Simpson's leg into the rocky side of the hill. Poor bloke had a rough old time of it. Karma baby.
  12. Giggle... almost as good as them getting to Lima and deciding to buy cocaine... They manage to buy some white powder from a dodgy dealer... Yates goes first and snorts washing detergent up his nose!

    Pompey - Simpson has about 4 or 5 books now. Probably not quite as good as the first but all are well worth a read - they are kinda half mountaineering stories and half-philosophy. I suppose "This Game of Ghosts" is the closest to a sequel but really is about his whole life. He's very lucky to be alive - he's had a lot of serious accidents.

    As far as I know their exact route up Siula Grande has never been repeated. Although somebody did put a new route up the west face which followed much of their line - they decided to call it "Avoiding the Touch".... Instead of desending the North Ridge they abseiled down their line of ascent.

  13. Joe simpson is a nutter some of the situations he'd got himself into the alps would make me take up tiddilewinks :lol:
    got himself into the same fix in the himalyala's and just before his partner started lowering he gave joe his swiss army knife :twisted: