Touching the Void

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jack-daniels, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Despite the way the publicity has been written is is unlikely that Simon will talk much, if at all, about the "Void" experience. I've been to a couple of his talks over the last couple of years and despite it being the event he is best known for, it is a situation that he has tried to move on from and avoid mention of.

    I am prepared to be proven wrong on this though...:)
  2. Are they worth going to though blueygirl?
  3. Yep. He is not the most dymanic speaker but has great presentation/photos and has done a great deal more over the years than most people realise. He's been to some interesting places and has a wealth of experience and understanding that makes him very well reagrded in the mountaineering world. Just don't go expecting a soul-baring session; you will be disappointed :). In the ones I went to he did discuss some of the psychology of mountaineering and cultural understanding (areas I have an interest in)...but those were a while ago so it is quite likely he has changed the presentation.
  4. Ok thanks for that. I will have a look and see if I will get back in time for it 8)
  5. ugly

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  6. I am touching the cloth.
  7. Trust the North Towners to lower the tone!
  8. I saw Simon Yates speak this time last year. The presentation he gave basically spanned his climbing career and makes you realise that although the Void story is what brought him to attention, it is only a small part of his life.
    I was lucky enough to meet Simon on the evening as he had agreed to allow the Mountain Rescue Team I am with to collect at the venue. He is a top bloke, and in factput himself out to raise more money for us.
    His photos alone are worth going to see.
    You shouldn't have a bad night.