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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Wija, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Quality, if that doesnt win the ARRSE annual remembrance outrage award I'd be very surprised.
  2. That is absolutely disgusting. The decent members of Celtic & Squaddies who choose to support the Hoops should take action and voice their severe displeasure. This cr@p just breeds Sectarian violence. Would love to see Corporate Affairs of Celtic or their PR Agency issue a statement or an apology.....Wait Out

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  3. No surprise here this has been done by a section of Celtic support called the green brigade. they are mainly teenagers with older ring leaders. many amongst them claim to being Irish despite the fact most are born bred and live in Scotland.

    Basicly there a bunch of spotty faced left wing saddo's who live in a fantasy world.

    That said Celtic should now bring these people under control such banners break SFA regs.

    I hope and trust Hearts and lothian and borders police stand for no such nonesense on wednesday at Tynecastle.

  4. Agree 100%... I know a few Timmy's who where in the Forces. It would be nice to see the sensible ones amongst their support stand up for what is right here.

    It is a disgrace, and the Football Club has apparently bowed to the minority by banning the sale of Poppy's.
  5. Just out of interest, what regs?
  6. They're just a bunch of mongs! **** 'em!!!
  7. The SFA this year set out what and what is not acceptable on the terracings they specificly mention anything Disrespectfull aimed at specific groups, sectarian or political I would say the above shown banners tick all of those box's.

    It has also been coverd in the Scottish Premier Leagues Unacceptable Conduct document.
  8. You could only be outraged if you thought the views of such fucktards mattered.

    Scottish football supporters live on their own planet - and they're welcome to it.
  9. In addition Banners that size should be acompanied with Fire safety certs Celtic again are failing in there obligations if they allow uncertified banners of that size and nature into the ground.

    (what a spotter I know)
  10. Well thank fcuk I have an internet connection to yours.... seriously though, what is your point caller?
  11. Its spelt wrong. Bloostained or Blodstained. Tells you the level of intellect we are dealing with. As others have said, fuck em.