Totty flying jets.


The battle damage of an A10 flown by a female US pilot.





Think what you like of the sceptics but that deserves respect.


Yes very brave but can she drink pints of pi@@ in the pigs bar with the rest of us ?
mmm, bet those bullet holes are British

Some in revenge, some for them letting a woman drive ;D

You'd think they'd learn the lessons with the two shuttles.

Birds can't drive!
Looks like she got close in and personal to make sure BEFORE she pulled the trigger

Mind you, I thought it might be a bit of a giveaway they were Iraqis, what with lead whanging off every square inch and all......

Well done Spamchick...... :)
Looks to me from the pattern of holes like it was shot from behind and below (ooer missus!) i.e. SHE MISSED whatever she was shooting at!

Still, not much fun getting pinged though...

The chicky sky jockey earns my respect !!

NOT for continuing to fly a crate in that condition, NOT even for landing it in that condition.

NO...... she earns my respect for taking that much ground fire from US troops whilst waiting on the taxiway on the way OUT to her mission, comlpleting her mission and then not mentioning 'blue on blue' at the debrief.

(and as Vermin alluded to she does look in need of a 'debrief'  ;D )
Hope she gets billed!

Seriously though, A10's are about the toughest thing in the air...that level of damage and still flying doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

For sheer firepower, there isn’t much that compares to the A-10.  Designated the “Thunderbolt II,” but more affectionately known as the “Warthog,” the A-10 is among the most lethal and most resilient aircraft to enter the force.

The A-10 is the first aircraft designed specifically for close air support and can survive direct hits from armor-piercing and high explosive projectiles up to 23mm.  Their self-sealing fuel cells are protected by internal and external foam. Manual systems back up their redundant hydraulic flight-control systems. This permits pilots to fly and land when hydraulic power is lost.

Despite improved capabilities of potential adversaries, the A-10 accomplishes its mission by its capacity to deliver punishing firepower, yet withstand astonishing damage at extremely close quarters.

Bet she still 'dinked' it when parking it in the hangar though! ;D
Seriously though, A10's are about the toughest thing in the air...

Second toughest,

The toughest, most rugged and spectacular is an Army Air Corps Door Gunner ;D ;D
She looks like she's tryng to 'squeeze one out'.......and the guy on the left of her looks like that Major who blagged the million on 'Who Wants To Be....a thievin cnut' ;D
This will be a multi-phased post:

The A-10 receives the very bottom of the barrel of student pilots.  Try flying a Chinook, that will sort the MEN from the boys.

I take it from your motto, Mighty Doh-Nut, that you don't post on Pprune anymore? Were you kicked out?...

Personally I think the Major on Chris Tarrant's show deserves respect for using a bit of lateral thinking in trying to win the top prize.  (The Bleeps should be trying to recruit him).  
What he did was try and obtain money from a load of rich sponsors who earn a lot more than £1 million from the phone calls and adverts to the show.



War Hero
Squidgy Stab....

Personally I think the Major on Chris Tarrant's show deserves respect for using a bit of lateral thinking in trying to win the top prize.  (The Bleeps should be trying to recruit him).

for your information R SIGNALS are more than competent in making our own front page news, we do not have any requirement for employing a second hand Sapper to assist us in making headlines...


War Hero
Squidgy STAB,

So, according to you, breaking the law is ok?  Well done your parents!  Does that mean that in a courts martial, I can expect my soldiers to mount a credible defence on the grounds of 'lateral thinking'??  That prat just brought the Army (Mine and presumably yours) into disrepute and made us look bad.

And blatently breaking the law on national TV, lying, and trying to concoct some stupid story are not pre-requisites for joining any part of the Army, let alone the Bleeps.

Back to the topic...

 Whether she is a second rate jock or not, Well Done Her!  anyone who has ever received incomming in contact with any opfor will testify to her credible performance.

Bet she's a crap driver though  ;)


You mean she has to manoevre that great big  plane all by herself on the runway before she takes off as well as fly it?
Blimey! I'm impressed  ;D

Mr Happy

Just doing a bit of Miss Marple  8) here BUT......

1.  Does the US allow birds to fly combat missions? :-/

2.  Given that she was probably doing 400 kn at whatever high that number/pattern of rounds that have smashed into the back of the A10 must have come from a high cyclic rate wpn.   :eek:

3.  To the best of my knowledge the Iraqi's don't have anything like that.  The only thing the Iraqi's might have would be the ZSU 23-4 - and they don't look like 23mm holes to me.. 8)

Therefore.....  What might have done that?  7.62mm Gatling door gunner on a Chinook anyone?  Or was it the Butler? ::)
You don't need to be Miss marple just read the Iraqi Information Ministry report which says:
"The damage to the infedel plane was inflicted by the same  82 year old half blind farmer who bought down the the cursed American Imperialistic helicopter with nothing more than a pre-WWII bolt action Lee Enfield 303"

The Minisisty went on to say that "Statues of Saddam were being put up all over Iraq as we speak"

The briefing was cut short when reporters pointed out that they were playing the video of statues coming down backwards.    

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