Toto - Theres No Place Like Home

OK, after travelling many miles from quite close to the Federal Republic (Sorry Cathy - word stealer there), I have landed at Chez Slug. Now don't get me wrong, there are very nice people where I work at the moment, but there is nothing like being home.

So far, I have kicked my shoes off where I want and walked about barefoot fearing no danger from the demons on the carpet (albeit a granny carpet - not my fault); I have subjected the neighbours to Elvis (my music system goes up to 11); I have tooted my neighbours (over the age of 60) in my tiny village; and to top it all off - de de de deeeerrrr - I have got a power shower. I could have opted for the big f uck off bath, but nah I will save that for tomorrow with a copy of Take a Break and a glass of Mateus. I have also kidnapped my dawg and even though he snores, I will put up with it.

It's true though, there is no place like home when you have been away for a while.

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