Totally Trashing Devil Dogs Myth....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PandaLOVE, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Volunteer to Fcuk of forever?

  2. Just be ignored?

  1. Should this cnut simply be ignored or would he gain a twinkling grain of respect from ARRSE'ers if he were to just leave, never return and hand in his ID at the gate?

  2. Just be ignored because he has already been O2 thief tagged? :roll:

    Starting a thread about an O2 tagged muppet sort of defeats the object.

    Just a thought........
  3. Agreed, but I have had almost no dealings with this muppet. I'm like a cute baby kitten with an old ball of wool.....

  4. If youve had no dealings with him, why start a thread highlighting his muppetry?

    I see his O2 tag and tend to ignore his bottom dribbles. Sort of works a treat really.

    A bit like if I hear a politician speak and know he is liabour, I know to ignore everything he says.
  5. I am not going anywhere.

    Like I told Mrs DD before she filed the divorce papers: the first casualty of war is the truth.

    Prove me wrong, peeps. Prove me wrong.
  6. Completly agree with you, however, some people just can’t help themselves, surley they must realise by responding to drivel they have given the reaction that was courted, however, let thread after thread die and the d*ckhead will get the message.

    The real reason I posted was to slightly disagree with you on the Politician statement. I prefere to belive that as soon as ALL politicians speak they are spouting self seving bile :D
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The's two 'F's in off... :roll:
  8. I make it a point of completely ignoring O2 tagged posters. It might do your blood pressure good if you did too.

    To the hole with both threads.......
  9. DD can be entertaining. Some of you are too easily annoyed it seems.
  10. How about a special medal for those of you who are validated? Works well at an American site I visit. The validated members enjoy their posts being taken more seriously and visitors to the site know who the bona fide members are without having to guess. Sort of kills off Walting a bit. Just a passing thought . . .
  11. There's an re in there's ....... :D
  12. I don't think that DD does any harm. Surely readers have broad shoulders and can come with comments that they disagree with and remember 'idle and silly remarks should be ignored'.
    Also, without some characters ( Hardman and Dashing Chap both of whom have put plenty of drivel on this site but received alot of comment) this site would be as boring as Rum Ration.