Totally off names for kids

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. I had a laugh with the ex many moons ago when the sprogs were up for sprouting about what to call them, but this evening at the local busstop some woman was calling out to her anklebiter, who was running around, and I'm sure she was yelling " Malaria, Malaria, cme here Malaria!!" Now that is a classy name for a young girl!
  2. Is it's last name 'Suit'? :roll:
  3. Why, oh why do parents call their daughter "Candida"?
  4. So then it would be 'Suite'? :roll:

    Some more bad ones: ZaNay, Damonica, Bacari,Vontress, Quantavious - genders unknown.
  5. Because the surname is 'Yeast'?
  6. I talked to a midwife in the U.S. a few weeks ago who had an Afro-American client who was determined to name her newborn daughter "Clitoris".
  7. Or "Albicans"?
  8. 'Thrushy' for short.
  9. Donkey, i just lolled.

    Mackenzie is a shoite name. as well as malakai.
  10. My daughter is called 'Fadge' cos she has a very impressive one.
  11. Know an African couple who, because my Dad and his co-worker bought them their wedding rings as a gift, ran their two names together to name their child - a boy - after both of them.

    It was word of a lie. :oops: It was pointed out to them that perhaps they should reconsider as in the "western world" a tampet was something quite inappropriate for a child's name.

    So Pettam it is then! :x
  12. Many years ago (in the States) I was a volunteer tutor in an inner city public school. Two of my students were African-American twins, nice kids, with the names Arethra and Urethra. Horrible thing to do to a nice little kid. At one point I said to the mom "Urethra, thats an unusual name" and the mom said "Thank you! I wanted it to go with Arethra and it sounds pretty" She hadn't a clue!

    In the news in the US today was a story which read (in part)
    Knowingly giving a kid a name like that is a horrible thing to do to a kid.

    Full story at:
    Story clicky
  13. I do hate when the state must become involved in things like this...but certain lands make certain names illegal to bestow upon children, and perhaps it should be this way.
  14. Missus LL's cousin has called her daughter Atlantic, im wondering if she is gonna call the next sproglet (due feb ish) after another ocean. what the hell do some of these parents think they are doing? do they not realise that they are gonna scar these kids forever with stupid bloody names?
  15. Clamydia is a lovely name for a girl......................Apoligies to Mr.Pratchett