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Discussion in 'REME' started by rentboy, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I've been tasked to organise a REME display to put over to Joe public about REME engineering I cannot use any tracked veh's in the display, The age i will be pitching to is from 3yrs-adult. It needs to be interactive, exciting and interesting.

    Has anyone got any sensible ideas that could be jacked up within a week??

    All trade groups can chuck their 10pence worth in.

    Help please.
  2. Tels kit usually boggles and looks quite high tech.

    GPMG and related kit??

    Tiffy maths paper for them to have a pop at?
  3. The old Foden crane 'obsatcle course' usually goes down well.

    If you get a Recy Mech to dress as Bob the Builder you've cracked it :) - well with the 3 year olds anyway :)

    Not much REME engineering I know, but hey who cares?

    A bit of blacksmithing works well too, which is I suppose a bit more REME - pretty hard to find a forge though...
  4. toolbox check?

    BM is right really, a few rifles on a 6ft table with chains ran through them is standard practice.

    Be prepared for the likes of comic store guy out of the Simpsons telling you muzzle velocities and how the AK is far superior etc etc.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Lots of RAC and AA application packs?
  6. Knocking skittles over with a crane is a winner.

    I always find that when you have a load of gats on a table, you either get a cadet trying to take them apart or the local chavs asking if they're real. "No mate, we chained them down to make you think that they're real" :roll:
  7. Get a Fitter Truck decked out to the Mutts

    Up the steps into the "reception area" with fridge - full of Herforders finest, gas cooker - two rings of course, portable TV/DVD combo - with accompanying smut, 2 weeks for the duration of. Thomas bin wall with fitted fans - for summer. Four "padded shelves" with officer issue mattresses, fold down table with one penthouse light and power socket per "padded shelf". If that don't get them joining REME nothing will, it did me when I was a young Sapper.

    Failing that get a game of Nurdles going.
  8. Get some small hammers and compo cheese. You can teach them how to play at nurdles.
  9. what about reccover ex for b vehicles with a foden
  10. RLC application packs in a few years :eek:

    Oops, did I say that out loud?
  11. A CP set-up under a cam net complete with BOWMAN (if you can), battle table tool-box/tiffyboxes layed out. Weapons on a table is always a winner - see if you can get a MINIMI and prac LAW. Compo demo is always good. Then get a general info boeard - career progression, pay postings etc. Chuck in some AT stuff such as the REME hotel etc. Then have the freddy doing a mock reccy task or the old crane skittles thing. Team REME - the corps bike display team, give them a ring even if they can only bring along a bike, its still cool.

    Then get in touch with the REME mobile display team and get them to do it for you......
  12. If you're in UK you could speak to the Corps recruiting team in Arborfield and see if you could borrow the buggy vehs they use for kids visits. They have been designed specifically to allow easy removal of wheels, etc - for team races - and look like fun to drive too.
  13. Or just give one of the Bn's a ring and ask for the RRT to come and set up, at least it would be a bit of a background activity.
  14. Get six bods, some in covvies some in uniform, make sure they all have a some fags, and give a couple a biff chit each. Get them to stand around a vehicle ( a DROPS would be good) and tick and winge about all the work they have to do and that no one ever thanks them. Make sure that if someone asks them what the Army is like they are to say "it's sh1t and I'm getting out".
    Oh sorry! someone has already said get a RRT
  15. Rentboy: do you have any ideas of your own for the day? Our experience is a resource but a couple of ideas from you would give us an idea of your own resourcefulness.