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Total Recall

Does this mean we'll be able to see the original TR every night of the week on various channels, per usual, AND get to see the remake every other night as well? It's not that I don't like the film, but obviously the schedulers have a hard-on for it and don't think we can get enough of it!
Wonder who will play Sharon Stone ??? My vote is the bint from Transformers.

The scene where she is playing virtual tennis.........Pwooaah


Book Reviewer
it was an average Schwarzenegger vehicle.

I'm not too bothered about this. The mooted Alien remake, however, boils my p1ss.
I don't know why they would want to do that - the original was perfect. :roll: I liked the shoot-out on the escalator where Arnold holds up a civilian as a shield to stop the bullets flying his way. :twisted: And who can forget the toothsome Sharon Stone kicking Arnold in the balls with a pair of pointy-toed shoes? :omfg: I wonder how many times that had to be shot? :wink:


Alec_Lomas said:
They're doing a re-make of Arnie's 'Conan' series but in an upmarket more intellectualised version beginning with 'Conan The Librarian'
And the hardcore bondage version "Conan the disciplinarian" :D
Don't forget the funny version - Conan the Comedian.
Possibly starring Danny De Vito as his brother!!
Oh, the hilarity.

Edited for mong spelling.
I seem to remember there being some one-eyed villain (eye patch?) who died nastily towards the end: Brown will be looking for employment in about ten months...

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