Total Irrelevance

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Just thought we could have a special thread dedicated to going off topic which Ad Astra et al only seem interested in for the sake of wind ups.

    This thread is the space to go completely off topic so that other threads can flourish naturally.

  2. i thought that was called the Abbots Bar? seem to remember that was the reason it was introduced by AF1771 in the first place...
  3. ......and then I said "No LOOK me in the eye!"

    Boy, how we laughed :lol:
  4. I thought from the heading that this might be a thread about me. I know my place.

  5. Surely if you post something irrelevant in a thread called 'Total Irrelevance' then that in itself is relevant to the thread..............
  6. so he said: "well, I won't send YOU to post my letter then!"
  7. ..and then he said "Do you accept my award?"
  8. ..according to central staff there is no intelligence to indicate.........

    .........the equipment will be issued to you in theatre........

    ..................................SOPs / USSOs/ SyOps are being re-written

    Ascot 78910 will depart for AKI / BZN at xx:xxhrs

    Not forgetting that old favourite: the last two survey / investigation reports before you visit the unit for the first time.

    Probably lost on many people now, but how can I ever forget:

    .. the QM says you're only entitled to 13 rounds.....
  9. Is this just an int thing or can anyone play golf on wed afternoon sports day?
  10. BMP-3. I accidentally the whole thing.
  11. Nothing.
    Well nothing means something in the context of the word.
    How can you write nothing if you want to say nothing in writing?
    What’s beyond infinity?
  12. If you pop it onto a memory stick you should be able to take it with you.
  13. Keep it on or off topic or at some point discuss!

    Henry said he cound not abide by the methods employed by the RAF Sy CI det in Basrah...

    ...but someday, somehow, he found his pen...
  14. And he wrote nothing?