Total Confused about my Interview.


For my first interview I have been given a sheet of paper thats got information about my job choice (Job Brief) So, I've been reading up on that and other various bits of information I can get my hands on about the Air Corps, But when i was in the Careers office the other day my Sergeant sat down and quizzed me on what I know at the moment and it seems the information I have it totally wrong from what he was saying .

So can anyone give me some information about Air Corps Growndcrew training at Harrogate?

Much appreciated thanks.
Ive been out of the Recruiting world for a while now but my son did 42 weeks at Harrogate the other year and is just finishing off his ground crew training at Middle Wallop. You dont do any ground crew trade at harrogate, AFC is the extended basic training for junior entrants (the rest go to ADC Bassingbourn). At harrogate you will do footdrill, weapon drill. First Aid, map reading, how to handle and fire a weapon, physical fitness, assault courses etc. Plus you also do a really good academic package and things that lead you up to Duke of Edingburgh and community tasks.
You then go off to Middle Wallop to do your ground skills which include refuelling, re-arming, gunnery, signals etc then off to Leconsfield after about 16-20 weeks to get your HGV licence.

He's enjoyed his time at Middle Wallop and says its been good. This should be on your job briefs that you would of got from your recruiter. Just be sure you know all three of your job preferences when you go in for your interviews.
My recruiter told me that during training at harrogate I would be doing numeracy and literacy classroom work for NVQ Level 1 or somthing .

Also how much time off do you get during training? He asked me this too

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