Tossers come up with another moronic idea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cutaway, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. Anyone remaining in the UK have only themselves to blame when they are eventually given life for whi

  2. Oh yes I should say so, the streets will be safe again

  3. Utter boll0cks by another bunch of cretins

  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I note that the idea of using the existing laws doesn't seem to have occurred to any of the 'enlightened' mob that clamour for this expensive drivel.

    Is 'cnuts' too strong a word ?
  2. it beggers belief doesn't it.
  3. I thought the banning of firearms years ago after the Dunblane incident was going to solve this...

    Good show, the UK is proving the NRA in US right, banning firearms and weapons does not reduce crime 8O
  4. i do not beleive that either of their girls were gunned down with air guns, this is not where the problem lies. I daresay that in many occasion when immitation guns have been mistaken for the real deal, is when curtain twiching grandmothers, with the fear of good put in them by the daily mail. Suspect little timmy at the corner of the street with his super soaker to be a modern rival for Dick Turpin.

    These kind of situations could be solved if a bit of comen sense prevailed. Plus i know coppers love any chance to get all syked up about any oppotunity to show off their skills.
  5. What sort of sad tosser needs an imitation firearm anyway? Deacts for historical interest I can understand, airsoft I can understand (just), but an imitation Browning, M16 or HK?

  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    True, I have neither imitations nor deacts, they just don't interest me.
    But I'm more concerned with this ridiculous banning mentality that has pervaded a once great nation.

    Sometime in the future whatever turns your crank may be the next thing that they ban.
  7. When did the U.S.A. ban firearms and weapons? Did I miss the overturning of the Second Amendment? And are other weapons besides firearms part of this banning too, as the above statement indicates? Does that include pepper spray and baseball bats? If so, would it be it to "reduce crime," or to reduce violent crime resulting in fatalities? Gun violence/fatality stats in the UK are still ridiculously low compared to the States, even versus population, so isn't that comparing apples to oranges anyway?

    Back on topic...I would be interested to know if armed robberies in the UK have increased or stayed the same with the manufacturing of replicas. If anyone has a study or info they could link me to, that would be great.

    (Surely Granny isn't supposed to know whether it's a replica, or even a paintball gun, pointed at her in an armed robbery? Super Soakers are orange and green, after all. :twisted:)
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    In the UK, at least since 1968, the sentence for using a replica firearm in a crime has been the same as using a real one.

    Regardless of the victim being able to recognise a 'weapon' as being real or not, the goblins would go down for the same stretch.

    So this new law is really a sack of crap - unlike so many of the hundreds of others St Tony has had dreamt up... :roll:
  9. Don't worry Tankies, the USA is still bristling with millions of civilian weapons all ready to blat the shitt out of any bird/insect/dust that dares to invade your property...
  10. TY you seem a bit thick so I will slow it down...My point was that gun control doesn't work, clearly sarcasm is lost on you. The UK may have a lower rate of gun violence per capita when compared to the US but the over all crime rate in the UK is far higher; such as home invasions, robbery, etc... Fact of the matter; States in the US that allow concealed carry and have less gun control have lower overall crime rates then States that have extreme gun control.
  11. I could be wrong (& in some ways I hope I am as I’m uncomfortable with being on the same wavelength as the crazy Septic :wink: ) but I think that ctauch was referring to the NRA’s argument against the assertion that a ban on firearms would reduce crime, rather than suggesting that the US had banned firearms!
  12. I Worked this out a little while ago.

    If the populations of the UK and the US where the same, you'd be 14 tiems more likley to be mugged, or robbed, if you where in the UK.

    On the flip side of the coin you're 52 tiems more likley to be raped and/or murdered in the US.
  13. ctauch: A little personal there, but fair enough, I jumped with both feet.

    I've been called a lot of things in my life but "thick" has never been one of them. The reason I missed your "sarcasm" is because it appeared that you were simply stating an opinion. If there was subtlety intended there, then you're right, it just flew over mah poor little ole head.

    My version of sarcasm was in addressing your blanket statement as it stood:

    1. We've never had a gun ban in the States (and never will) so any statement about whether or not it would work as a violent-crime deterrent or aggravator is theory. Laws do vary from state to state, but you can purchase a gun virtually anywhere, which hardly constitutes a ban.

    2. Facts - there's an interesting one. The saying in my biz goes, "Marketers use statistics like a drunk uses a lamppost — not for illumination, but for support." So being naturally cynical about any analysis that's been commissioned by either the NRA or, for example, the Center for Handgun Control, I've been combing the net for violent-crime stats that use the same metrics across the board by unbiased parties.

    The DOJ has some interesting stuff on their website from a national basis (overall decline in everything from '93 to '03, that's good news), but hardly anything you can draw a conclusion from. Most of the other research varies by field so drastically (different time periods such as 3 vs. 5 years, etc., state/state vs. population vs. county/county, etc.), never mind different gun laws per state, that it's virtually impossible for a reader to make an apples-to-apples comparison. Hence my reluctance to accept that freely dispensed guns are truly the answer to yobbish crime in America, or the UK. Or, frankly, that it might not prevent certain types of crime now and then: random bashings, store robberies, etc. It all comes down to the individual gun carrier's sense of responsibility and knowledge, doesn't it? Are we all that responsible, or smart?

    On the other hand (sort of a virtual olive branch, I suppose) one stat did jump out at me from the DOJ website: in a state prison offender survey in 1997, 80% of the guns used in violent crime were obtained from a family member/friend, a street buy, or otherwise illegally. Only something like 14% were actually purchased through registered channels. My gut tells me that this stat hasn't varied much...and in that sense the NRA is right, tighter registration laws are irrelevant because the people that are buying the guns at registered locations aren't the ones using them in crime. :? Clearly something needs to be done on the offender end!

    Careening back to topic: I read somewhere — can't source it, sorry — that England is experiencing an increase in illegal weapon traffic via the Balkans and Northern Ireland. It will be interesting to see what's shown as a result of greater firearm circulation in an already rather violent society. Hey, sort of like ours!
  14. Heh. Have indeed been called "batsh!t-crazy" before (but let's not talk about my last performance review). Come along on my wavelength, DB, it's a unique little place! :D
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    That's like saying there's more underage sex in Devon than North Yorkshire because the girls there wear shorter skirts... Nothing to do with weather then??? The rural vs. city environment, attitudes of the area, employment prospects or whatever, ITS ALL DOWN TO THE SKIRTS GODDAMN IT!