Toss Painted Helicopter in Afghanistan email

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Filbert Fox, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. God knows how many times I've been sent it, but its bollox!

    Its obviously not causing a stir as since when have 'our boys' started flying Russian Helicopters?

    Did a bit of internet wizardery and came up with the gen on the pic:

    Photo is of a Hungarian Airforce Mi-24 taken at an air show at Szentkirályszabadja, Hungary in April 2007, it is purely for airshows, never been used on ops and resides at an aircraft museum in Hungary.

    Even Snopes have a page on it!

    Looks like its the new 'Starbucks' toss email!
  2. The RAF have two russian MI8 helecopters at Boscomb Down under test

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  3. Looks good though. Quite an impressive paint-job.
  4. A model of that would make a good Christmas present (hint hint).
  5. Painted on Four Three during Granby...

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  6. now thats more like it!
  7. Almost as old as this one!

  8. But this one I could believe...
  9. Ok, Ill bite . Under test ? why to see if they can fly? only had a 58 year flying history.

    Ok if Quintico are testing comms or whatever but if the RAF are testing the airframe as suitable for a Heli to be used by the UK it smells like a waste of Tax payers money to me.

    Bit like any Gp Capt learning how to Fly the Typhoon. Oh its to keep their flying pay is it, why not fly the simulator like the Nimrod pilots used to then.
  10. ZB 697, 698 are two former Bulgarian air force MI 17/MI8 1v Hips used by Joint helecopter command and UK special forces to bolster rotary wing fleet in operations, and are painted in red white and blue of the test sqn at Bosccomb
  11. OK

    er Ok so these Ops are to pretend to be tested then?

    Now that would confuse the enemy.
  12. Thats from an MOD quote
  13. Yeah I got that forwarded from a mate who got it from her other mate and so forth, my mate. she's one of many that run/support/raise awareness for the troops out there.

    I laughed when I saw that photo and responded as such from background of aviation analyst, and helicopter pilot with 10 years in maintenance operations back to the sender of the email and apparently I got slagged off and told to get a life!! I argued back it was a stupid email and promptly offered real promo from Boeing or AgustaWestland
  14. What are they testing for? Hopefully not to buy them. Ive flew on these heli's crew changing of the north coast of russia for 6months lastyear. Apart from them all being a bit clapped out and ancient I cant see what the RAF would want with these.
  15. Maybe it's because they're tried and tested in Affers, although I seem to remember reading somewhere that neither they nor the Hinds could take off above 10,000 metres. So they can hover at that height, but not land.