torys plan to cut benefit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. but its going to cost £600million up front

    The idea is for private training firms to be employed to prepare the unemployed for work and also to assess all 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit to see what work they might be able to do. :roll:

    Nice little earner if you get the contract :roll:
    What might work is hire enough Job centre staff to do the job properly and actually enforce the Job seekers agreement. make random phonecalls to make sure person a applied for the job they said they did . Check people turned up for interviews etc etc.
    re training rather than spending the cash on "private training firms providing mickey mouse courses use further education colleges to reskill people. don't turn up for course no dole.
  2. blah, blah, blah. Won't happen because it is against our 'uman rights, you can't force us to work 'cause we are sick innit.
  3. Good!

    Most people on 'Incapacity Benefit' are just lazy fvckers who don;t want to work.
  4. And you base this on what, your own experience!
  5. :)

  6. Piss off chub

  7. Sounds about right. I'm sure the Youman Rights layers are sharpening their pencils as we speak.
  8. Will a minority turn to crime to earn money?

    Pirate dvd's tends to be the council estate "non-job" of choice here. Funnily enough, most the customers are on the scrounge too!
  9. Rather a limited choice then.
  10. So already we have experience in retail and the entertainment industries, that's the Cinemas and the local shops sorted out. Mind you they won't have any stock but the boot fairs will do a roaring trade.
  11. Talking of boot fairs. There is one scrounging cnut that knocks the doors regulary asking "av yu got enyfing yu want tu get rid ov"..which translated means "I cannot be arsed to get a job but, I will knock everyone on the estates door, scrounging their kids old toys etc, so I can sell them at the local boot for my own profit"
  12. labour have already tried the "private training companys route" hence
    a big fraud enquiry.

    some people on Disabilty might be swinging the lead but suprsing if someones been on it for more than a few years there likely unemployable without serious help.

    If the plan is to force people off benefit into any old job it might work for a bit then fall on its face.
    What is needed is well paid jobs that means encouraging manafacturing again and properly retraining people etc etc etc.
  13. Dave wants to get with the programme, the unemployed already get placed with a private company at 52 weeks. At 26 weeks the jobcentre gets a lot stricter with a timetable of checkable activity the jobseeker must follow or risk losing benefits.
    There are very few viable courses at further education centres at a part time level, most do not offer any sort of decent qualification. There are NVQs available but you need a work placement to do them...catch22.
    Full time courses are a no go as you won`t be available for work whilst doing them. Its fine training people up but if there are no decent jobs about whats the point.
    There`s also the problem that a lot of the younger unemployed are only semi literate, a wonderful bi product of our super education system. In fact the first course they need to take is basic numeracy and literacy, commonly know nowadays as skills for life. :roll:
    Most jobs down here are less than 30 hours so anyone without kids can`t claim working tax credits so you automatically find yourself out of pocket.
    My last job finished in March, I looked around for a week for employment before signing on. I was surprised to find myself only £8 worse off than when I was working.
    To top it all last week the JC gave me a voucher which promises a potential employer £1000 if they give me a job for at least 26 weeks. Now I`d like to think that an employer would take me on because of my skills not because of a bit of paper which promises what amounts to a bit of petty cash for a lot of companies.
    I made a joke that why didn`t the JC give me the grand and I`d go self employed to which the advisor stated they could do that as well, next thing I know I`m attending the local Business Link thing thats happened since I became unemployed.
  14. Thats the real problem!
    Will the Tories idea work, well it cant be as bad as Labours attempt to get people off benefits.
  15. My view after experienceing the job centre a while back is,

    Proper checks of the job search record you have to keep.

    They wont even consider some sort of course untill you been on it 13 weeks, needs sorting that as its too long.

    Why cant they act as an agency to local employers? The gov can earn a bit off the employer who pays a lesser price than they would at a private agency, in turn raising the wage of the worker to make it more attractive.

    The going rate in Brum for unskilled work is £5.73, after tax for one hours work would hardly excite anyone.

    Kill the lot, they are all patronizing cnuts, and give the unemployed the jobs.