Torygraph - Who Protects Soldiers?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hup-two-three, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Brilliant article. Sums it up really well.

  2. The SIB do as they're told , they don't just up and decide to investigate cases.

    It seems everyone has forgotten how this came about.

    I suggest you do a search for Shiner in the Arrse archives.

    I wonder who wrote this?
  3. I wasn't a sprog when I did Tin City along with 657 Sqn AAC, our Boss, wanted us trained up just incase we end up on the streets of Belfast. (Stop laughing)
    I'll never forget post an ND when one of the Pilots, Booty Senior, more tours that me and thats saying something, got us all togther and gave us a quck informal briefing on what to do if and when we did it for real.
    I woun't repeat the practical advice (press) but it ended with and don't take any F-ing notice of the Redcap who tells you,
    "Tell me how it happened son and I'll put it into good words for your statment."
    Your Courtmartial his next tape.
    Boss was ex SBS
    And our Booty Senior wasn't quite as polite as above might suggest.
  4. Problem is ORC. JD has been out since 74. The point the editorial was making is that
    Bliar has turned the SIB into a sort of 5th column against the rest of the army - well
    the fighting bit anyway - today.