Torygraph is turning into the NOTW

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blodders, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. From the English Heritage document Outreach Strategy for English Heritage.The dog-bumming trannie community no doubt appreciates the effort.
  2. As an asides, an interesting X-Ray off a link on the same page-

    World's weirdest X-rays - Telegraph

    Soldiers foot from the Boer war with a Mauser bullet in it. Didn't realise X-Rays went that far back in time.
  3. Was the dog male or female? Because **** sex with dogs is just wrong.
  4. Well the dog must have been happy enough, it didn't bite him or run away
  5. How is it the gorgeous bird you do **** with turns out to be a right dog the morning after?
  6. The Torygraph went that way about 15 years ago - that's when I switched to the Thunderer.

    I like smut and porn, but not when it's done in the semi-straight Telegraph manner. The News of the Screws is at least honest about what it is.
  7. Just wait until the A-level results in a few weeks' time; no prizes for guessing what their front page picture will be.
  8. Jemima Fruitmella-Smythe, Sophia Fruittington-Totty and Katy d'Fruity-Hatstand tossing their lovely blonde locks and laughing as they celebrate the fact they've got good enough grades for Ciro? I love that day.
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    10 years ago maybe. It's now more likely to be a picture of Sharon Smith from Eastgate Comp who has just got into Keys[sic].
  10. Well.... it was on Pendenis Castle, Falmouth, South Cornwall..... there a lot of funny folks down that part of Cornwall, a lot of incommers... Hippies, Chavs and other doley scroungers from upcountry, who have settled in Cornwall...

    Part of my family comes from North Cornwall... lots of incomers... so no webtoed cousins .... that I know of... or anyone of the male gender who wears a dress.... or takes advantage of defenceless pooches.....

    Some say its the results of generations of working in the Tin Mines.... some of the ground around old tin workings is contaminated.......
  11. 22 December 1895 is the date of the first anatomical X-ray. Done by Roentgens himself.
  12. 'Torygraph' it aint! It has slouched to the left and is barely worth reading now. Back to the 'Thunderer' for me, now that Murdoch has seen the rror of his political ways.

    As for shagging dogs, there are many 'Arrsers' who have won medals for it.
  13. No one done the PENdenIS Castle bit yet?

    He must be Den...
  14. The Telegraph has been morphing for a while. If it gets so much wrong in areas of my personal experience / knowledge it is probably writing shoite about subjects outwith my ken. So big Tonka trucks of salt. Grammatical horrors, tautologies and ooe'er missus stuff unworthy of the's enough to make a chap long for Sky News.

    Or maybe not.