Tory voting failure sees Cormack back in race

Following a Conservative Party Executive meeting where more votes were cast than members present and where pro Cormack supporters were not informed of the meeting, a further ballot asking for the de-selection of the sitting MP came to a tie.

Makes You SO want to vote Tory doesn't it.

Sven, I think you need to be *very* careful in saying that the first ballot was 'fraud'; such a suggestion could be actionable.

In my student days (long gone) I ended up as returning officer for my college (my manifesto being 'I'll do it if no-one else can be arrsed' - which they couldn't...). This meant I had to brave meetings of the University student union, as well as run votes in my college.

There were two cases involving the student union where exactly the same thing happened, not through fraud, but through c*ck up.

In the first case, several people arrived late and failed to sign in on the attendance register at a student union meeting, and a vote was carried by something like 36-12. However, it transpired that (roughly) only 43 people had signed in. If a register isn't called before a vote - and it's quite possible this happened in the Cormack case, given that we're dealing with constituency parties probably using procedures from Disraeli's day, where calling a register seems far too like school - then all sorts of things can go awry if the secretary isn't thinking (like counting the numbers just before any vote and checking that the number of people in the room is the same as the number of signatures).

In the second case, people turning up for a vote failed - despite the large notice reminding them - to sign in and then went ahead and voted. Again, the number of votes cast appeared to have been greater than the number of people who had been recorded as voting.

In both cases, the correct course of action was to re-run the vote. There was no suggestion of anything other than people being incapable of following clear instructions being the cause.

Now while it may be that dark deeds were indeed afoot in Sotuh Staffordshire, no proof would appear to have emerged that it was anything more than a good old-fashioned c*ck up caused by old buffers forgetting to sign in, distracted old dears thinking about blue rinsing the cat when they get home and failing to remember to confirm their presence, etc. That's not fraud, so you need to be careful - the good Mr Cormack, with his interest in matters military might be an Arrse member, after all...
To be fair to him, LE, Sven is a Lib Dem, rather than a Labour supporter - he's stood as a Lib Dem candidate in local elections at least twice, I think.
Archimedes said:
To be fair to him, LE, Sven is a Lib Dem, rather than a Labour supporter - he's stood as a Lib Dem candidate in local elections at least twice, I think.
Fair enough, thanks for the heads up Archimedes, although I did refer to hypocrisy being a standard characteristic of the "liberal left" which I would take to include Labour and the Lib Dems. I think it would be fair however to say that Labour have the edge.

Anyway, as far as the links go, I stand about these?


Lib Dems electoral fraud 1

Lib Dems electoral fraud 2
At least they tried to have a vote -albeit a bit of a c*ck-up.

Certainly beats having a nice cosy stitch-up over dinner.

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