Tory sleaze is back with a bang

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by insert-coin-here, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Whats Tory about it?
    Its not party political, all of our politicians are united in their efforts to rob the public blind.
    Doesn't matter what colour rosette they wear, they are all stealing.
  2. Yep! Don't the Torys usually end up in sex sleaze cases. Like the last nameless Tory PM and a certain Lady MP.... nae name, nae packdrill.. all allegdedly of course... :roll:
  3. Ha, Why do I get the feeling that jail sentences are not around the corner?
  4. Insert coin
    I can't remember the details of the last lot of Tory Sleaze,
    Perhaps you could enlighten the readership.
  5. One of the more recent high profile cases.

    Plenty more where that came from.

    Face it,the tories are not going to come out of this well.Best to man up and take it on the chin,anything less will look like the pathetic Labour mewlings of 'it was within the rules'.

    And never let it be said that I am not an equal opportunities seditionist. :wink:
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Don't think anyone is going to come out of it well. Party politics are not relevant at the moment - everyone is going to get a piece of dirt stuck to them - less, it would appear, the SNP and SF, ironically. Lib Dems are keeping awfully quiet too, aren't they?

    Did anyone else see how upset the Speaker was on the box this evening? That good old man of the people must have a lot to hide. Wonder when HE will come under the Telegraph's spotlight? As a reminder of his previous endevours

    Taken from wiki

    Can't wait! :D
  7. I'm just waiting for Ashie to come on here with his smug "I told you so" grin.
  8. Yes,his brand of idiotic tribalism is just what the country needs. :roll:
  9. Insert
    No No, your post suggests that there are some tales to tell from years ago,
    Please tell us all about this Sleaze, the stuff that Harriet Harmon banged on about when Blur had his election victory, the Sleaze that must never happen again.
    Cum on ya can do it.
  10. Are you too young to remember the Hamiltons?
  11. .

    A bloke in our street paid to have a couple of tons of manure delivered to his allotment, however, he got the delivery address mixed up and he ended up with tons of manure being dumped on his driveway.

    It did cause quite a bit of an eye watering stench in the street, but it was funny watching him trying to shovel it into a little trailer, to transport it to the said allotment. It took up most of his weekend to shift the shoite,but the smell lingered for a couple of days afterwards.

    It could be said that the smell of shoite thats emanating from westminster will turn the voters away from mainstream politicians, but sheeple will still vote for the party that they hope will look after them,and keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

    After being unemployed for nearly six months,(couldn't even get a job at asda, stacking shelves for fecks sake. Although to be fair, they do employ a lot of ethnic minorities and I'm not one) and facing the real prospect of losing my house, I would like to say that the way that the majority of mp's have been claiming for everything they can, while a lot of genuine people have been looking for work, facing real hardships, it's just immoral.

    I,m working now, and my house is safe, but there is no way on Gods Green Earth, I will ever vote for cameron or brown. I don't have an answer what needs to be done. I know there are educated people on this site, who could explain the way out of the mess that Great Britain is in but, brown and cameron are also supposedly educated.
    WTF to do?
  12. The Amiltons No, No Of course I remember them, but cum on give us Both barrels we'll soon be finished.
  13. Perhaps this is what he meant.

    Uber sleazy

    Or this

    Perverting the course of justice

    Or this fella

    Another very naughty boy

    I am not quite sure what you are getting at. :?
  14. Yes, the Lord Archer was one enormous tory disaster.