Tory Sleaze & Corruption

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Well I never, oh the outrage...
  2. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    It will always happen. Try and tell me that corruption only happens in fuzzy-wuzzyland! I got cookie a few beers in the Mess and now I get extra bacon in the mornings. Is that corruption?
  3. Perhaps it's just me then, but these idiots ('coz that's what they have to be, to be doing this sort of thing) can't need the money, yet still they go around doing the equivalent of some Tom putting in for a travel claim that he never made. I simply don't understand the logic of what goes through their minds.

    I'm not in the Service for the money. If I was, I'd be sorely dissapointed. Nurses, I would venture to suggest, are in a similar boat. MP's bring in good money (admittedly, some of them have to work long hours), and yet, for some, it just doesn't seem to be enough. Do you think it's some kind of russian roulette with their careers? Are they in denial that they will ever be caught out? Haven't all the cases over the years shown that these things come out? If not, do you think that what we see is just the very tip of the iceberg and that the corruption is endemic and so they take their chances? Is one thrown to the wolves now and again to save the rest? Either way, it just makes me mad that they do it in the first place.
  4. And isn't this just the point? Have we reached that point that we just don't care anymore? We'll go through weeks of denials, refusals to go, "I was just misunderstood" etc etc. Eventually he'll go, and we just wait for the next one.
  5. Never heard the phrase 'greed follows greed,

    Corruption is in all walks of life Not just within the realms of the Tory sleaze which has plenty of History over, Politics or Corporate, it's not only domestic but worldwide.
  6. Tory sleaze and corruption? How dare you ignore the efforts of all politicians of every political hue to bring home money for access deals, helping hands for party donors, peerages for cash. The tories are just the latest in a long line of venal, self-serving, scum.

    As far as outrage goes, each time they get caught out the rules are changed, 'lessons are learned' a 'line is drawn under this' a 'clear message sent' and we move on. Any of the MP's expenses that were queried, the money was paid back and that was that, try that in the real world, court case, criminal record, and lessened employment prospects.

    Do you think the drunken **** headbutting some openly gay man in a bar would be allowed to remain in employment until they wanted to leave, or would they be sacked for bringing the company into disrepute?

    Yes I would say that most people hold MPs in contempt, the apathy shown at elections is because the electorate has given up.

    Did I mention that I don't have any great respect for the piano-faced, schmoozing prisms? I don't.
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  7. This is shocking why?
  8. I agree with all of the above - this is not shocking. Indeed, this is the very basis upon which Market Liberal democracies operate. In academic circles it is called investor capture of government. To normal people, it is a complex web of bribery and corruption which is the sole basis upon which all political parties in the UK arrive at policy.

    The Conservatives are not so much a political party as simply the function of a lot of very rich people trying to bribe ministers into helping them get even richer.

    Thankfully one can't be sued for libelling a political party so feel free to repeat the above ad infinitum.
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  9. So you admit that your statement is libel then?
  10. Former Labour MP Margaret Moran will be pleased to hear that. She's up in the Crown Court next month on 21 counts of expenses fraud including submission of totally fabricated invoices. Apparently, she's too sick to stand trial though. I do hope the judge issues a bench warrant for her arrest.

    That's a strange coincidence as, when "irregularities" were uncovered in her expenses, she immediately became too sick to attend Parliament in order to cooperate with the investigations. Despite being too sick to work, she was fit enough to be filmed in a Panorama sting offering to get legislation changed for £100 grand.

    Margaret also managed to remain Chairman of Eurim Ltd, a company with a board of directors entirely composed of MPs and peers. Following an all expenses paid Eurim trip to India, a number of Indian IT companies suddenly gained exemption from UK immigration regulations for their staff. They could send staff to the UK without needing work permits. A select few were also given dispensations by HMRC, meaning the companies and their staff paid no tax or national insurance of any kind. They even got their VAT back when they went home.

    This effectively made British IT staff unemployable in areas where these companies operated. I know people who lost their jobs, homes, families, the lot. I hope Margaret goes to prison for a very long time and experiences terrible trauma at the hands of butch lesbians and a manky bog brush.

    FFS, I just watched the video. "You'll get dinner in No 10 and a photo with the PM". No offer to get legislation changed, invade oil rich countries or have anybody killed. It is truly mortifying to see how the Tory Party, two words once synonymous with every form of sexual, political and financial sleaze, has cleaned up its act. Alan B'stard would be spinning in his grave. If he was dead.
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  11. It is unproveable, because a political party will always say that receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds from rich businessmen in "donations", and then suddenly announcing public policies that those same businessmen will profit enormously from, is simply a "coincidence".

    We are expected to believe that these enormous sums of money have no bearing on public policy. Also, that ex-ministers taking directorships in the companies their political parties took "donations" from whilst they were in office, another remarkable "coincidence"!! Just as those who privatised the utilities under Thatcher and Major, only to then go on and take highly paid roles with them once out of office, was a "coincidence".

    And Andrew Lansley's private office being paid for by a private health care provider is another "coincidence".

    However, it is not libel, because you cannot libel a political party.
  12. Of course these payments have a bearing on public policy. It's how the system works, it's the only way to get elected, and it's something that all the major political parties do. It's wrong, but pure democracy is impossible and I can't see a way around it.
  13. Actually it would be very easy to regulate for - you'd just need to reform the whole criminal justice system!

    It still goes on because ministers and business want it to continue and because the British government is highly competent at willfully keeping public opinion in complete ignorance of what is happening in the corridors of power.

    I do not think voters should be able to exclude all other vested interests (such as business), but business has almost completely succeeded in excluding the voter from government, which is why all political parties have produced almost identical economic policies for the better part of 35 years!