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Tory Rainbow logo

New, New Labour perhaps? Whatever happened to different political parties actually having different policies?

Looks like more of the same PC sh*te under "Call me Dave".
louis said:

certainly a different tactic thats for sure

Career politicians! Give me strength.

This is all very nice, but what about policies? :frustrated:
Another reason to spurn the Nu-Tory party. To think 2 years ago I was a card carrying member of the Conservative Party. Nothing is going to change when they get in is it?
UKIP all the way for me now I'm afriad. The only party I know that actually plans to increase the defense budget considerably if they get in. Which they won't. Which is why they've said it.

I'll say again but no one is listening. I don't care about your sexual preferance, I don't care about your ethnic origin. You shouldn't be disadvantaged because of it, but your shouldn't get special treatment because of it either. :frustrated:
"The Tories have unveiled a 'gay-friendly' logo in bright rainbow colours in a bid to attract new voters."

How about Camoron tries to attract a few million mainstream voters?
all the partys spout the same lies and horse crap though, none of them are really worth voting for but i'd rather see a tory government then another 4 years of old one eye
Oil_Slick said:
How about Camoron tries to attract a few million mainstream voters?
Because like every other party politician, he's realised that the electorate are for the most part unthinkingly polarised. Nothing will change their minds about who they vote for. Election (and all those lovely expenses) depends on attracting the minority who actually are prepared to change their vote.

And yet we still seem to think we are a democracy because occasionally a different face fronts up the same old policies. Truly bizarre.

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