Tory promises

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, May 5, 2005.

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  1. The Tories say they would save the Regiments and ships earmarked for the chop if they came to power. Anyone else think this means they would simply chop others instead? 'We said we wouldn't chop them, but we didn't say we wouldn't chop others instead!!, blah blah'
    After Options for Change and the SDR I really dont trust them.

    They go on about Telic but they sent us to the Falklands. The inquiry afterwards found that the Int guys forwarned Maggie and she could have averted the war. She was down in the opions polls though and it swung it around for her and made her arms dealing son millions.
  2. SDR was a Neue Arbeit plot and your scenario, whilst possible, is a little far-fetched.

    Look, this is a dead-end argument. All parties have histories so you'll be a long time looking if perfection is your criterion.

    One thing that marks New Labour out is that no other party has tried to pervert the British Parliamentary process so that it resembles a dictatorship. Even Maggie didn't do that.

    Whatever today's outcome, I am praying that no-one will have such a commanding majority that they can treat Parliament with such contempt as Blair has done.
  3. It's quite possible (going by past political examples) but i would prefer to take my chance with them saying they will save them, rather than just lie down and let labour sign their death warrrants (and thats what it is because despite them being amalgamated, their individual indentity WILL fade away over the years and labour will have their victory)

  4. Fair enough. I was 4 QLR before I went full time, so I'm gutted. I feel like TCB has stabbed us all in the back but the alternative isn't too good either, hense the question. I no longer believe that someone who doesn't vote can't complain because at the end of the day they're all cnuts and will all screw us over in one way or another, so we're pretty much dambed if we do and dambed if we don't.
  5. Well, the long and the short of it is, that if you want the regiments to be saved - for now at least, you'll have to take a chance on the Torys...

    Frankly, as long as B Liar is out, I don't especially care who is in though :D
  6. The Tories might not be too popular, but I would rather have Fatty Soames doing Hoon's job. Soames may be a fat knacker but he has a few years in the army under his belt, and he is Winston's grandson. Hoon is a lawyer and a greasy, nasty little man.
  7. That would be good. Do you think it would be a good idea if all defence secataries had to have time under their belts? Or do you think some might be to biased/set in their ways? We could see how fatty gets on and judge by that (if B Liar has to walk). Met Hoon on camp once, he was walking around totally oblivious the everything military, he hasn't a scooby. I generally hate lawyers anyway, don't know how they sleep at night.
  8. Well I'v put my little x in the box this morning. I agree with stickybomb about the outrageous majority. Whilst I hope that the Conservatives 'win' I think that the best I can hope for is a reduced majority.
  9. FNUSNU, its not ideal I know, but it would make sense to me if goverment ministers had some knowledge of their portfolio. The Lord Chancellor has to be a senior judge, yet Ben Bradshaw, MP for Exeter is in charge of fisheries. He is not a fisherman, he knows nothing about fishing; he is however a keen cyclist, environmentalist and homosexualist. Do you not think he might be slightly biased?

    Alun Michael; former youth worker and Cardiff councillor becomes Minister of State for Rural Affairs. We can safely assume he brought a little prejudice to work in the morning, due to his support for the hunting ban. Also he knows precious little about Rural Affairs.