Tory Policy on Law and Order

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Regalia, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. Baroness Warsi was on tv again last night bleating about getting "more police on the beat instead of doing paperwork". In her fatuous "argument", she reminded Dianne Abbot that only 11% of officers were on the beat at any one time under Labour.

    What she didn't explain was how the CJS would work without the paper trail.

    1. Are we to dispense with S.9 witness statements? If we expect folk to commit their evidence to paper, ensuring they understand the consequences of perjury, who will be responsible for recording this evidence?

    2. Are police officers nolonger to be called to court to give evidence in person? Will their evidence be accepted without question, never challenged, so that more time can be spent "on the beat"?

    3. Are police officers not to be entitled to take sick leave / maternity leave, like other employees?

    4. Will the Tories massage the crime stats by ignoring e.g. thefts from motor vehicle, TWOC, burglary, like they did last time so they can claim that crime levels are down? Much was made of the increase in reported crime in '97 under the new Labour Govt, 'cos the much-maligned Mr Blair insisted that these crimes should be included again.

    If Baroness Warsi and her party believe they can magically eliminate crime, like they failed to do in their last 18 years in government, let's hear a bit more about the nuts and bolts of how this will be achieved, rather than media-friendly soundbites of meaningless jargon on which nothing will be delivered.

    Like many articulate and intelligent individuals, she talks a good fight but refuses to accept that even the most articulate and well-presented cack is still cack, because it represents an unachievable goal built around misinformation.

    Any takers?
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  2. Let me tell you something politicians are professional fibbers.
  3. Anyone who can't lie can't survive in human society; lying, as such, isn't the issue. Baroness Warsi believes she has identified a problem with how our police service is run, but hasn't specified precisely why the way things are done is a "failure" or what she intends to do about it.
  4. She is also advocating all backroom jobs be done by civvies and police go back on the beat. Although I find it hard to believe that police desk jobs can be successfully carried out by civilians. Could Custody Sgt be done by a civilian for instance.

    My other worry is can they afford to do this. Remember, they are not getting rid of the police who work in the back office, they are going on the streets - the civvie replacements are in addition.
  5. Yes it could, but not by a lazy fat slacker like you.
  6. No reasom for the custody officer to be a sworn constable.