Tory MP Stabbed

PACE Code D. Deals with the rules around identification.

Edited....beaten to it!
What's Code D?

Governs Identification Parades as part of Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

Possibly quite useful if the allegation is the suspect has attended places in furtherance of attack planning.

I've linked it earlier in the thread I think (apologies if not).
Thank you, the reason I ask is when my late father in law died in his conservatory the Police were called as well as paramedics. Obviously it wasn’t established until much later that he died due to a sudden cardiac arrest. That scene was essentially a dead 60 year old man lying on the floor.
We were both allowed in and my husband kissed his forehead. At no point was he pounced on and ushered away! The police, after all, called us! I think this silly one approach fits all is ridiculous. But I’ll leave it there as I’m obviously annoying some people.

As far as I remember, it is policy that any death in the open air and any sudden death require police attendance. By the same token, a Constable can mostly judge the circumstance of a death and make observations of any persons present. Under those circumstances, allowing your husband to make a last farewell seems appropriate.

On one occasion, I treated a normal sudden death scene as a crime scene and prevented entry. Whilst I thought it a normal death, I just wasn't sure. An elderly lady with cuts all over her face sat on the toilet. I secured the scene. After CID and medical checks, I opened it again and let the relatives in who I had put off informing. The police surgeon ( a local GP) said it was almost certainly a stroke and the cuts everywhere were just from shaving as he knew her.

Violent crime scenes do tend to be very messy and need securing for reasons others have explained. There is also a very real idea of protecting people from seeing the worst excesses humans inflict on each other.
Im fairly certain though, that at any terrorist murder at an active scene, no one is allowed in to hold someones hand or give last rites.
I'm not so sure:

Probably not the right thread, but isn't the Catholic God the same forgiving, welcoming chap who welcomes sinners that the Protestants worship?

Or is that forgiveness just reserved for priapic priests and repressed nuns who bully children and unmarried mothers?

If someone says they repent then you have to protect them while they do so whether you want to smash their teeth in or not:
prodigal son & lost sheep parables.
True, totally different except.
Someone attacked
Crime scene.
Police in attendance.
Paramedics there.
Family member there.

Apart from those minor points, totally different just as you say :)

And, to my new found amusement after reading this thread, I was there too so yet another person ARRSErs wouldn’t want there hahahahahahahahahaha.
Slime, I know from your posts that you do valuable work but it is miles away from a life threatening medical situation / crime scene.
Step away and think about it.


War Hero
You were spouting Tories Grr pish about Tories Grr can't plan and invest, got pulled up on it and doubled down with more pish about speaking for the majority.

Was that in the script or are you going off-piste and just cuffing it?

Your handlers won't like that, you know.
Strange thing to say
BBC Politics Today: MP's whinging about the rotten Plebs calling them bad names online. My heart weeps purple piss. :rolleyes:

And I would suggest is next to zero to do with the Single Islamist Narrative which I would imagine motivated this attack.

And if Angela Raynor has stood up recently and said "democracy is shirk" and "death to the Taghout", I'll reconsider my opinion. Otherwise, highly likely nothing to do with her either.
You should be asking how an Islamist terrorist murder morphed into a problem with internet name-calling.

...because the Home Office has a drawful of laws on encryption, social media and other stuff it needs to get passed?
Yes. I’ve been told all about Stacker1 now by a number of people over private message. I’ll be avoiding him at all costs

It's great to have such a fan club.

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