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Tory MP James Gray claims on Remembrance Day Wreaths!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mazur_UK, May 9, 2009.

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    Thought this deserved a seperate thread as it will strike a chord amongst us all.

    I have been very very p1ssed off this week after the expenses came out, but this is the final fcuking straw as far as I am concerned.

    Does he view the sacrifice of millions of young men and women over the years as not worth his £60?

    Disgusting. I am lost for words, yet not suprised :x
  2. FFS, just when you think the cnuts can't possibly stoop any lower... 8O :pissedoff:

    Outrage Bus Duty Driver? One day-saver, please. :evil:
  3. James Gray M.P is a national disgrace for doing this. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. Just another example of the Labour/Tory low life, scum sucking, bottom feeding filth that has been sitting in the House for longer than I have been alive.
  5. From his website:

    If anything, that just makes it even worse.
  6. Not the first time, he is disliked by many Tories here in Wilts, he happens to be my own useless MP. I do believe he holds the record for the shortest serving shadow cabinet member. Some kind of crass comment he made about the scots?...allegedly.

    Tory cad ordered to repay expenses he gave dumped wife

    Last updated at 07:46 01 July 2007

    James Gray: Left cancer-ridden wife for mistress

    Parliament's anti-sleaze watchdog has ordered a Tory MP to pay back an undisclosed sum in Commons expenses after ruling that he wrongly used the cash to support the cancer-stricken wife he dumped for his mistress.

    Wiltshire North MP James Gray paid wife Sarah £2,400 a month from his allowance after they separated following his affair with married mother-of-three Philippa Mayo.

    It was claimed he was using his expenses to support her instead of paying her from his wages. Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Sir Philip Mawer investigated a complaint against Mr Gray by a member of the public who asked him to decide if the MP had acted 'fraudulently'.

    Cheating Tory husband re-selected as candidate
    Friends of Mrs Gray say she ceased doing any work as her husband's secretary two years ago when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Sir Philip cleared Mr Gray of wrongly paying his wife in that period, on the grounds that she was entitled to the money as sick pay. But he upheld a second complaint, ruling that the MP was wrong to carry on paying her £2,400 a month after their separation in October - and ordered him to pay back the money.

    A leaked copy of Sir Philip's ruling states: "Some overpayment did occur during the period between October 2006 to February 2007 when Mrs Gray and her husband were separating. Mr Gray has acknowledged this overpayment and offered to repay the sum involved. He has also accepted responsibility and apologised for what happened."

    It is thought that Mr Gray paid his wife a total of £12,000 from his Commons expenses between last October and February, when the payments were exposed by The Mail on Sunday.

    Mr Gray, 52, left his wife and mother of their three children, Sarah, for Mrs Mayo, 41, a campaign manager for the Countryside Alliance who was married to Rupert Mayo, a prominent London criminal barrister.

    Local Tory activists voted to drop Mr Gray as their candidate at the next General Election, but the decision was reversed after he appealed.

    Mr Gray told The Mail on Sunday that he had been 'exonerated' by Sir Philip on the main allegations against him. "The only comment he made was that during the ending of my wife's employment there was a slight overpayment and that I should repay it, and I have done that,' he said. He declined to say how much he was told to pay back. Mrs Gray was unavailable for comment.

    Mr Gray insists he has the support of most local party members and David Cameron, but the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald claimed he was snubbed by Mr Cameron when the Tory leader visited his constituency last month.

    The paper said: "The visit by the Tory leader showed how far former Conservative golden boy James Gray has fallen from grace. The MP was kept very much in the background."

    Some local activists say that Sir Philip's order to the MP to return Commons expenses could reignite the row over his future.
  7. Come on guys, this is only in the screws!

    I haven't seen it anywhere else, although I dont think the expenses thing is a one party scam.
    Remember, our glorious comrade leader will be thinking of all kinds of ways to divert the publicity from the glorious comrades in our number one glorious leadeship.

    Have I mentioned how glorious our comrades are?
  8. Whoa whoa whoa

    Before you all jump on the bus and get emotional about this, what is wrong exactly?

    If he is laying wreaths as part of his job he is perfectly entitled to do this. How may MP's even lay a wreath? If you take your logic then MP's will have to fork out for every cause that may cause offense as this obviously has. I am in no way a Tory and I dont even know this guy but lets step back from the outrage waggon and try to be impartial and not so emotional

    Dont shoot the messenger here but I sense some bandwaggoning
  9. An inspiration to us all :evil:

    What a cnut! And I'm not just talking about the wreath!
  10. I do believe he tried to boot his sick wife out of the family home as well, he needed access to the office-allegedly.

    "If this is true it's the worst expenses story yet. Mr Gray should do the decent thing and leave politics at the next General Election.

    Tim Montgomerie

    11.15pm Iain Dale is stronger than I am: "James Gray is a class one copper bottomed shit... ConservativeHome has already called for him to leave politics at the next election. I'll go one step further and urge David Cameron to withdraw the whip from him. I feel sick to the stomach that an MP from the party I support could even contemplate claiming money for a wreath, let alone actually going ahead and doing it."

    Many of us in North Wilts would like to see the back of this man, let's hope he does the honourable thing.
  11. Have you still got a hangover or are you having a heavy duty Bloody Mary for breakfast? :D

    As he has a very high chance of winning he is going nowhere unless somebody off's him. I'll bet the fecker is incapable of blushing and can't spell embarrassed.
  12. Vonshot

    I am with you on this.

    Is everyone who lays a wreath expected to pay for it themselves, I have known some COs lay wreathes at more than one service on Rememberance Daywho ays for these?

    I know the COs don't.

    Let us ask who pays for the wreathes the politicians lay at the Cenotaph on Remebrance day?

    Who paid for the wreath laid in Hull on Remembrance Day, the local MP John Prescott?

    Is it any different that these wreathes are paid for "up front" rather than being claimed for after the event. When the person is acting in an official capacity.

    If however I choose to lay a wreath as a private individual I would expect to pay for it myself, as I would expect anyone acting in a private capacity to do (whether it be James Gray or G Brown or J Prescott).

    The only outrage I feel about the whole expenses affair is that the MPs of all parties seem to miss the point that upsets people, namely that I don't care that it is "within the rules" the rules are wrong and MPs have been benifiting from a lax system that they think is their entitlement.

    They should have taken a more principalled stance and not claimed for things that may be within the rules but are morally questionable as they do benifit the individual rather than the electorate.

    By the way I think that James Grey has disqualified himself from being an MP through other actions rather than claiming for wreathes.
  13. Nuff said - except for the fact that the BBC didn't name him this morning, which was odd.

    jarrod248 - I totally agree.
  14. That's the way I see this. He is a slimy toad, but I think that the internet lynching is a little off.

    He was paying respects at multiple sites. I think that there is a difference between this and claiming for a bog brush, or getting the Artex removed from a flat at our expense.