Tory meltdown

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Flight, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. I'm not a tory voter anyway.

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  2. Not without the promised referendum

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  3. I'll be voting for another party now

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  1. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    It appears that eurosceptic MPs had promised not to rock the boat in the run up to the next general election, though the wheels appear to be coming off.

    Hannan has resigned his position and the press is full of leaks from, mainly unnamed MPs, criticizing Cameron over his 'U turn' on a referendum.

    Whilst I think most people knew something like this would happen should Lisbon be ratified, he was after all deliberately vague about the consequences, Hague's admission that clawing back powers from Europe won't even be on the agenda for some time after they take power is a bombshell to the grass roots Conservative supporters.

    It's difficult to argue with Cameron's argument that Afghanistan and the economy have to take precedence, however this is hardly a vote winner.

    Wheeler, UKIPs main benefactor, reckons that they cost the Conservatives 30 seats at the last election. Add in public dissatisfaction with sitting MPs and their troughing, along with the anti-european sentiment and you have a recipe for disaster at the next general election.

    Is it possible that we could see UKIP able to finally bring serious pressure to bear? Or could it go further than that?
  2. How can he hold a referendum on somehting that has happened?

    We have ratified the Lisbon Treaty. End of.

    Perhaps in the future we can look at modifing it or abandoning it.

    But Cams referendum promise is as broken as a promise I could make to keep a car till I am retired, said car then get's smashed in to by a drunk driver whilst I am asleep in bed.
  3. As you suggest, this was pretty much on the cards. Anyone who believed that this would play out any other way has been too easily led by a hopeful media.

    Frankly, I'm more likely to vote Conservative if it continues along a more pragmatic path of realising that the EU programme needs adjustment to make it less self-serving and bureaucratic, and more supportive of member states. That's where the political horsepower should go - and hopefully someone statesmanlike and with a bit of backbone will emerge to do it.

    You need to edit your poll? - not exactly inviting a broad range of answers, is it? :roll:

    The whole binary in/out UKIP thing is a childish sideshow with some rather nasty people on the periphery...
  4. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Apologies for the poll, looks as though the last option was lost in the ether....

    Hmmm.... It won't allow an edit. Could a mod add an option for Still a tory supporter or somesuch?
  5. I wouldnt vote for any of the three main parties nowdays. What does it matter if we are governed by Blue Labour or New Labour?
    UKIP seem to be the best choice at the moment...
  6. Flight (or Melanie), is this you? Fighting back against all the anti-Commisar Broon threads?

    New Labour Web Team

    off you pop back to Victoria Street lest Guido catches you...
  7. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    I thought this would be a serious thread on the implications for next year's general election.

    Don't know who Melanie is, why don't you trot on and play with her nicely?
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Pretty pointless considering the poll you put in. Not biased at all, is it.............. :roll:
  9. A Tory meltdown? Now I'm not a great supporter of the Conservatives but from most things I've seen in the papers its been more of a damp squib from the Eurosceptic Conservative MPs. If you want meltdown I'd say look across the chamber at the government benches.
  10. I'll be voting Tory, they are the only credible opposition to Labour, who have to go.

    Labour have spent zillions on the health service and education, put in lots of targets, and what has it acheived? Drastically overpaid GP's, SATs that are stressful for children and have problems with marking, to be scrapped - how much did that little exercise cost? Prisons that are crowded, and criminals being cautioned for ABH. I've visited a prison - it was so much cleaner than the local hospital, and the inmates have a reputation for cooking their own food, and doing it well. From experience, hospital food is dire. I'd rather be on rations.

    Labour has not provided the forces with enough resources, and yet it fails to do anything to change the extortionately expensive public pension bill. The private sector has to cope with money purchase plans, and to add insult to injury, they also have to prop up the gold-plated public sector pensions. I wouldn't take anything from the armed forces / police / fireservice though - anyone who is prepared to lay their life on the line deserves all the support we can give them.

    If their was a credible opposition party that would get us out of Europe, I'd vote for them instead. I really do not understand what benefits being in the EC brings us, and it particularly annoys me that the country has never had a chance to vote on whether we should be in or not.
  11. Yeah Cyclops gets back in...all you tory voters(I am one also) very carefull about this, I 'fu**ing' loathe what the EU has become, but 'call me Dave' is being realistic, I'm not happy but he still gets my vote...
  12. I have never considered that the Conservatives had the next election in the bag.
    Too many owe their well paid Non Jobs to Labour and so many would not vote anything but Labour, where I come from for instance, North West England.
    Cammeroon has quite literally shot himself in the foot and boosted the UKIP, who should do more damage then the 30 seats they claim they cost last election.
  13. Yep! A referendum could still be held to establish a definite mandate to put the spanner in the works of the EU to get what we want and to stop sovereign powers being surrendered to the Brussels Cabal. A federalist EU is about one click away from my worst dream of a Stalinist state.
  14. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    And therein lies the problem. UKIP has polled anything up to 20% in local by elections. I can't see their support decreasing in any way....

    Back benchers and the grassroots want more to be done, but he realistically can't.

    He's made a huge mistake I feel, even a supposedly pointless referendum would have assuaged many a eurosceptic voter. It would also give him a real democratic mandate to go at Europe and demand, at the least, some of our money back seeing as though we're skint. Lord Tebbit has been calling for just such a referendum.

    Instead he looks little shy of Brown's promised but never delivered referendum. If Europe is the main issue, and it is for many voters, then there is effectively only one opposition party now.

    Hannan's next move will be interesting....
  15. Guys, Guys, Guys. You are missing the point.

    This General Election is not about Conservatives, Labour, LibDem, Greens, BNP, others etc.

    This election is about BRITISH DEMOCRACY, BRITISH FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE from the UNELECTED EU COMMISSION, who, without being voted for or against, have TAKEN POWER OF ALL OF EUROPE. the FRANCO-GERMAN Alliance now rule EU.

    This next BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION is about the future of we being BRITISH or under European total dominance over OUR BRITISH WAY OF LIFE and OUR COUNTRY.

    Only UKIP offer a way out. I was a Conservative for 30 years. Now i vote UKIP.

    They are not a small party as professed by pro-eu ****titions.

    UKIP came second in the last elections, they are a nationwide party, they are the only party who will take us out of the EU Commission control. Trade with EU, friends with the EU, but not controlled by them.

    Make this election BRITAIN'S INDEPENDENCE DAY! vote UKIP stand up for YOUR COUNTRY!

    HOW DARE any political party have the audacity to hand my personal freedoms and my democratic rights and free will, my BRITISH BIRTHRIGHTS and subject ME to an UNELECTED EU COMMISSION aginst MY FREE WILL!


    ANYONE WHO WANTS TO REMAIN FREE BRITISH WILL VOTE FOR UKIP that includes all of the silent majority of people who don't bother to vote. If you want to remain BRITISH and ruled by BRITISH electorate's DEMOCRATICALLY elected BRITISH MP's making BRITISH laws in a BRITISH parliament and representing BRITISH interetsts on the world stage, has to go and vote for UKIP in this General Election to remain BRITISH. after that you can go back to exercising your right not to vote, but at least you can excerise that right as free and BRITISH.