Tory Leadership Round Three

Who goes through to round 4?

  • Gove

    Votes: 42 38.2%
  • Hunt

    Votes: 54 49.1%
  • Javid

    Votes: 6 5.5%
  • Johnson

    Votes: 101 91.8%
  • Stewart

    Votes: 37 33.6%

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Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines.

She’s just said “can you hear me” after trying (yet again) to cut his answer short. I’m sure she turned her volume up. Can quite understand Boris’s reluctance to take part in such a farago.
'Cos at some point the argument that it's a waste of time would look to obviously like he's avoiding scrutiny.

The man suffers from chronic foot-in-mouth disease and everyone knows it; even his supporters.

If Johnson is to be our next PM, appearing to run away where others are willing to play isn't good optics, (to use the modern terminology), as I'm sure the current PM could tell him.
Just seen on BBC jibber-jabber thingummy that Tom Newton Dunn has criticised the candidates for repeatedly talking over Emily Maitlis.

He ought to be reminded that they were there to answer - she to facilitate.
The debate, for want of a better word, is irrelevant. All the real business ahead of tomorrows vote is taking place in backroooms of parliament, as enough cabinet jobs are offered to cover the next 50 years.
Agreed. It wasn’t a debate in the true sense of the word. It was an American style talking head fest, designed to fit the media agenda. None of them were put under any real pressure or scrutiny.
A waste of an hour.


Another obvious anti-Boris BBC plant - Mr Muslim from Bristol. I wondered when they’d deploy the ‘letterbox’ weapon! Bloody blatant and tedious.
If they had all bowed any lower to this questioner, their spines would have snapped. Talk about grovelling!
I reckon that Worwy's support should take a nosedive after this. Gove actually came over best of all. Javid was a nonentity. Hunt was boring. Boris was OK when he got a word in edgeways - kept his cool and didn't drop a boll*ck.

That Maitliss woman was the worst - her bias was so blatant and the BBC agenda was clear for all to see.

All in all - a very disappointing show.
I’m confused, is she biased in favour of The Conservatives or The Tories, I couldn’t work it out.
It will be interesting to see how all the different MSM, now report on, “spin”, cover . . . the “debate” ;) .
Interesting post show assessment on the BBC News channel.
Someone from the Tory camp suggesting Saj was blatantly sucking up to Boris, so he can boost his chances of being Chancellor.
Also reckons because most of the attacks were on Boris and Rory (opposite ends of the spectrum), the other three had a relatively easy time. He reckoned Stewart is toast after tonight.
It will be interesting to see how all the different MSM, now report on, “spin”, cover . . . the “debate” ;) .
Gove came across as the most articulate in my view, but Boris as the most human.

Hunt was eloquent but boring; Rory Stewart came across as deliberately contrarian and Javid struggled to make an impression, as he is not a particularly confident public speaker in this sort of situation.


A Tony Blair walt.
Some years ago I was supporting an event where Alastair Campbell was speaking. As I adjusted his mike, I said to him "You can tell you're not a politician now", "How's that" he said, "You're wearing a tie" I said. He has also the largest feet I have ever seen on a human being.


Rory Stewart is trying to be the “different one.”
He’s removed his tie, he’s not conforming to the prevailing footrest norms and looks like a puppet with its strings cut when he hangs his head as someone else is talking.
That was not original, Tony Bliar used that "I'm one of the boys" tricks. It took in a generation, but that's Jo Public for you.


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I've got to admit not hearing a lot about Emily Maitlis, so I googled her. Without doubt, I would - like a chimp on traps! Even X-Hamster have some pictures of her.


You have to remember that Maitless, she of the hard face and short skirts, has an earpiece, and the producer is prompting her all the time to interrupt and repeat inane questions to throw the speaker. God, she is arrogant. It was a pathetic show.
And where the hell did the BBC drag out that freak show of questioners. One looked like a witch from Macbeth and another had a funny hat, and then there was the child. The chap from Oxford was approaching normal (missed the rest)
Just watching the self-serving postmortem on Newsnight. The narrator said something about it, ‘being hard to pin candidates down to give answers.’ Then showed Maitlis interrupting someone trying to give an answer!
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