Tory leadership round one

Who will get through to the next round

  • Gove

    Votes: 70 45.5%
  • Hancock

    Votes: 8 5.2%
  • Harper

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • Hunt

    Votes: 77 50.0%
  • Javid

    Votes: 51 33.1%
  • Johnson

    Votes: 131 85.1%
  • Leadsom

    Votes: 36 23.4%
  • McVey

    Votes: 34 22.1%
  • Raab

    Votes: 72 46.8%
  • Stewart

    Votes: 27 17.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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They're off! The runners and riders have declared and reached the start line. The ten MPs in the Poll have all achieved the required number of votes.

Who do you think will get through to the next round - you may choose more than one.

Oh Yes, this is why I have maintained my membership of the tory party ..... Anyone other than Boris and they are toast...
Brexit Party


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I wonder what will happen if the rank and file mark their ballot papers "None of the above" ? :p


I wonder what will happen if the rank and file mark their ballot papers "None of the above" ? :p
An Irish referendum, rerun the polls until the electorate understand the clarifications their political leaders have been paid?
Hancock’s pitch this morning was excruciating. Thank God he’s just making up the numbers!
Sadly they all seem to have leapt out the blocks with tax cuts/spending promises that lack realistic funding. If we wanted fantasy economics we'd vote for magic grandpa.
The blue-rinse and gammon circle-jerk wants Boris. The only way we avoid this dire prospect is if someone finds killer dirt (apparently beyond the mass of it already) or if he is abducted by rectally-obsessed aliens.
I call bulls1t. I'm neither blue rinse or a gammon and I want Boris.

Sounds like you are a Remainer to me, it's just like the Remoaners to criticise a Brexiteer that is, currently, trouncing their favourites, just like they've done since they lost the referendum.


Stewart shit the bed by proposing National Service.
Essentially attempting to pander to the last dogs to whom a bone hasn't been thrown! Poor decision unless we scrap the existing army, Tory attempts at forcing the youth into compulsory events has always failed to win any votes!


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I think the colourless and useless Leadsom will be dropped out fairly early.

Perhaps preceded by non-Tory Rory.
Snow on Channel 4 just now, interviewing Michael Fallon, is firing off in all directions against Boris - his stance on LGBT issues, his record as both Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London, his falling out with Michael Gove, his infidelity- you name it, he brought it up.
The Liberal left must be really worried and have certainly launched the ‘anyone but Boris’ campaign in earnest today.
If Boris gets in (please God no) and makes as good a job of PM as he made of Foreign Secretary then we're f*cked for another generation. Still, as long as he gets the top job I've no doubt he'll be happy.
It doesn't matter who gets the big hat, it will end as it always does, a cluster fcuk of monumental proportions as ill equipped over educated self centred arseoles scrabble for the kudos of ballsing up their ministry's, while the faceless civil servants, the real power in the UK, carry on regardless. "Never in the history of British politics , have so many usless cnuts, fought for so long, for such little benefit."
well, there are plenty of drones already involved.

pity you cant be banned from politics for using class a unlike teaching.
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