Tory Leadership Round Four

Who goes through to the next round?

  • Gove

    Votes: 40 36.4%
  • Hunt

    Votes: 73 66.4%
  • Javid

    Votes: 7 6.4%
  • Johnson

    Votes: 107 97.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Except that it would probably be illegal in that they don't apply the same restrictions on other trading nations outside the EU.
Yes. the question is incorrect.
Following a no-deal Brexit, the UK will be able to trade with the EU on the same terms as other countries who have no trade deal with the EU.
The question only arises if we wish to enter a trade deal with the EU. Only then are they able to put conditions in play.
BBC1 has a BBC News special with Simon McCoy 11:00 - 12:15
Leadership result is in an envelope and will be opened around 11:40
Politics Live follows at 12:15 with reactions to the result, Jo Coburn's guests have not been listed yet.
Education Minister Anne Milton has resigned from the Government. Once again, the question has to be asked - who?!
I just wish they would stop grandstanding, unite and sort the bloody mess out. But we know, that isn’t going to happen.
Who indeed, according to the Graun

So well known, that no hunt knows what her actual job is supposed to be :D:D
On BBC1 now being interviewed. Says she can't follow the party whip. Happy to return to back benches. Was skills and apprenticeships minister. Not an out and out remainer apparently though she did vote remain in the end. Her main concern was leaving without a deal.

Gout Man

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And the winner is.......drum roll.....................

Oh who fecking cares.
Oh it’s Boris, there’s a surprise, he better step up to the plate now, no excuses, no ifs, no buts just a good Brexit with or without a deal as promised on 31st October2019.
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The BBC's Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith has just said the contenders will be told just before they go on stage what the results are.

He says it is just possible that there is a "tortoise and hare" style upset, in which Jeremy Hunt could win.

He describes the scene outside the conference centre in the "Scorchio" weather as the "Plaza del Chaos".
Straws grasping.
All the channel ferries will be overflowing.
Now we know who the PM is, what will his cabinet be?
Going to be some dangerous people who hate Boris on the back benches!
It’ll be interesting to see the medium-term reaction of the stock market.

Whining Civvy

Well I hope he takes the views of the 33% who didn't vote for him into account when building his cabinet and formulating his policies.

There was for TM no longer PM.
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