Tory "gun nut" axed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. Totally reasonable; all FAC holders are potential child killers and should be chipped

  2. Reasonable; he looks like a nutter, and nobody that looks like that should have guns

  3. Unreasonable; it's his "perversion" and he should do it in private, like the uphill gardne

  4. Totally unreasonable; he's done nothing wrong, but silly to have put the piccy in a position to be l

  1. Well, a picture of an FAC holding Tory parliamentary with his legally held firearms has been leaked, and the candidate has been axed... More Michael Coward knee-jerking (oh, like the 88 and 97 acts then???)... Is this what we can expect from a prospective Tory govt? He's been treated as if it were a picture of him doing boy scouts up the hoop. I shall be writing to my MP...,,2-2005030393,,00.html

    Looks like he's got:

    Win 94 or Marlin underlever
    Ruger Old Army or Remmy 1858 muzzleloading revolver
    Armscor .22rf AK-47 lookalike
    Taurus long-barrelled revolver
    and a couple of other unidentifiable rifles

    (edited for title)
  2. I think it's time we got around to boycotting the Sun. It's a snivelling hypocritical rag which will do anything to show a profit whilst foisting Murdoch's repellent political views on the rest of us. It uses the Army as a plaything: lots of 'we support our lads' crap at the start of operations; no support further down the line with it's 'All officers are incompetent lying toffs, all 'squaddies' are drunken, sex-crazed mongs' approach.
  3. If those few firearms make him a "gun nut", they'd really go spinning out of control if they saw my collection. :wink:

    I am so glad I live in Florida.
  4. Just the sort of CRAP you might expect from the Sun of course. And as for politicians, well never let "Band Wagon" go by without trying to be on it!
  5. Am posting a correction to the BBC, who said in that article that he had an "AK-47 assault rifle"

    I did get a correction published a few months ago about the beltway killers: the BBC story said that they had bought the rifle from such-and-such a gunshop, when in fact they had stolen it. I doubt I'll get one here, unless lots of other experts also send in corrections...
  6. On a positive note, at least these might actually be live, as opposed to the media putting up pics of deacs and claiming/implying they're live.

    In my book he has to be a bit of a t*sser - if he doesn't shoot and the guns aren't even his why the pose and photos?

  7. My e-mail to my MP:

  8. Mr. Oulds should be pleased to be separated from such a mob of hysterical, self-righteous sissies.
  9. And we let the media lead us by the nose.....
  10. mind you the tory Party have some strange people in prospective Tory MP for peacehaven turned up to do a charity abseil 150 ft down a cliff and cried like a girl and had to be dragged back up tosser :(':evil:')
    mind you none of the other local politicans turned up rope cliff sharp knife they may be stupid but not that stupid ':twisted:')
    Twisted Evil
  11. My sentiments exactly, Stoatman. Why should we support the Gov't when the Gov't won't support its own electorate in trying to excel in their chosen field and represent the country (and, by definition, the Government!) on the World Stage?

    On a slight tangent;

    I find it incredible that a serving member of HM Forces was denied a FAC for a Target Rifle (.22" - Target Rifle a la Olympic Shooting) purely (so it seems) on the grounds that he could not guarantee that no-one else could gain access to the rifle - (He made the mistake of telling the Firearms Enquiries Officer he intended to store the weapon in the Unit Armoury!!

    I personally have stored private shot guns in a military armoury, and at least 2 seperate FEO's have both considered this as acceptable! Is this just another move by the B@stards in Blue to prevent ANYONE from possessing a Firearms Licence? Surely the fact that most people within HM Forces are trusted with Firearms and ammunition on a regular basis should reflect positively on their suitability for a FAC?

    I await the wisdom of the populus of ARRSE to point out the (probably obvious) flaw in my idea...

  12. I kept my pistol in the arms kote for many years and the local plod were very happy. The face on the guy who came out to inspect the security arrangements was a picture when he saw a coys worth of wpns. Are they real he asked?

    The big problem with FAC rules is that they allow interpretation by middle ranking police officers. One Northern Force had a man i/c firearms who would not let anyone hold a FAC unless they were part of a club. He actually refused a cert to a policeman from a neighbouring force who had a very good reason to own a wpn and to a barrister who wanted the pistol for the Bisley team. The copper joined a local club, and the barrister had a word with someone less over promoted and both FACs were allowed.

    Meanwhile the details of the FAC of the murderer of Dunblane remain a state secret for 100 years. Why?
  13. Has anybody tried getting Thos. Hamiltons records under the ne Freedom of Information Act? They would probably fail but you might get some interesting related documents with a broad enough request.

    Qute frankly I'm sick and tired of the Howards endless knee-jerking.
  14. Ah, but are you? Unless I'm much mistaken, you'll have problems being trusted with both the keys/codes for the armoury and the keys/codes for the magazine....

    Anyway, having been a reference for several FAC applications, the police are generally impressed by the words "sensible", "reasonable", and "experienced". I did a mate's application, and the mention of his TA experience appeared to impress the PC doing the followup yes, your wish is granted :)

    It varies from Force to Force; we're lucky; our licensing branch is pretty damn good (polite, timely, reasonable, etc, etc). And for those who doubt the utility of the OTC, the "new" licensing branch officer spent several happy years in one twenty years ago, and so was not completely gobsmacked by "ooh it's a gun" when he took on his new job. That, and I've still got the photos of him :twisted: