Tory Councillor Has IRA Links in Past

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sven, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. BBC Link

    The story tells it all really.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    It does indeed. This Conservative had the decency to resign when confronted with her murky past. Note that word - past.

    Elsewhere on this site, you are lamely defending labour MP's who are refusing to even admit their present fuck-ups (Brown, Smith, the whole Stalinist lot), and you post this as some sort of moral victory?

  3. Why is this so bad? Surely she should be made Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary? I mean they've installed Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness in office, haven't they?

  4. There all rotten to the core, surely it,s possible to make them lords ?
  5. I am not defending anyone - just seeing that it was bank and punters greed that has caused the present crisis and not Brown.

    As for the tory resigning, what does this mean?

    So still a councillor - such decency :roll:
  6. Don't be a berk, Sven! It was a total lack of regulation by cowardly, fawning, irresponsible gobments that caused the crisis.

    And fair play to the lady for falling on her sword, voluntarily. Pity Miseryguts Broon has no honour or scruples.

  7. Sven - would you have posted this if the councillor had been a Lib Dem? With respect, you do seem to delight in attempting to post anti-Tory material. I don't recall you posting 'Oaten leadership bid in bother after sodomy with random bloke' links, and this may make fellow arrsers suspect that there's a hint of mischief in posting links to what are non-stories....
  8. From what I remember it involved Oaten getting pissed and shit upon - no sodomy was involved 8O

    I wonder if the police will be questioning her on her whereabouts in October 1984 at the Tory party conference ?
  9. How can she resign from Cabinet if she is a Tory?
  10. Indeed it does.

    Some people make mistakes in their lives, and when confronted by them, make the right decision.

    What is your point Sven?
  11. Is that what happened?

    Did Mrs Garland resign from public life, or just from the executive.

    Mrs Garland tried to make the case for terrorism in the 70s, tried to hide from her past and even when confronted with it tried to hang onto her seat.